Crafting My First Mythic Item

Hi everyone. New in the game, and new in the forum. Very bizzare name, yes, I was flustered getting names rejected on arena registration I mashed random buttons :smiley: I didn’t think climbing arena ladder was this fun.

Anyways, I’ve been reading quite a bit of wikis and guides here, enough to learn the existence of Mythic/Set/Crystal/Legendary Affixes. Learning from Rubik’s Crystallography steps, I’ve become a bit confused. I really want to start it right.

I’ve been collecting lv 100 4 sockets item in preparation of getting Mythics, but now I’ve got questions:

  1. Why getting hi-quality item base more preferable than socketed items? [16]Zircons > [9]Peridot, no?

  2. Why Crystal Affix (step 1) over Mythics (step 2)? Is it because Crystal Affix can’t be removed and it’s only a random of 6, whereas Mythic is a fixed variable?

  3. What about starting from legendary item to save rubies?

  4. How many legendary affix can we have in an item? Why do we need epic affix (step 4, Rubik’s Guide) if we can fill the rest slot with leg affix?

  5. Assuming my understanding is right, I would want to start with quality (ideally) 4 sockets items, and roll obsidian first, only to throw it out of the window if the affix I want isn’t among the 6 offered? Rinse and repeat. ONLY after that, onwards to Mythic. So, wow, I can only get when I have obsidian that gives me good affix… on 4 sockets item (which I assume I’ll get plenty trying to get obsidian and MS’es)… ? Pretty arduous journey to reach only the first step towards crafting an item… correctly. Yes? :smiley:

  6. I am maining Gunner Rouge, with Pierce/Reactor’ed Orb Wizard Hireling. How significant is Multiattack/Extra Attack chance on my characters? (Cont. below)

    6a. I always favored extra attack on my Gun earlier on. But I’ve got multiattack on it now (gives me 3 bullets per shot reliable), do I still want extra attack? I read it works although visually it doesn’t (2 Multi + 2 Extra doesn’t give me 5 bullets a time, but 3 with some Extra proc rapid shot). Is it still stronger than other epic affixes ?

    6b. Extra attack on Wizard Pierce, only like burst shot, not like angled 3 projectiles. Is it good or should I go with some other affix?

I think it’s everything that’s been bugging me for a while now. Thanks so much in advance for the tips and guidance.


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  1. Higher quality item will get you better rolled affixes, with quality maxed at 25%, 50 for eternals. Peridot are much easier to obtain than Zircon. For me, sockets>quality. But it’s better you get the legendary item with affix you want but you can’t get with ruby/amethyst.

  2. When I would craft an item I would first up the quality and level of the item to maximum. Then I craft mythic affix if needed. After that I add epic affixes that I don’t want crystal affix to roll for me for example I want crystal crit chance. So I get epic affixes that are not crit chance but can be crystal affixes (crit damage, luck, regen etc.) and leave one slot free for crystal affix. Now you have better chances for obsidian to roll the affix you want so you waste less obsidians :slight_smile:

  3. Starting from legendary item is nice because you have affix you want and also can have affixes you can’t roll with ruby for example Elemental Damage 100% or Push the Limit.

  4. There is no limit for legendary affixes. You can get all 6 slots filled with ruby. But sometimes you don’t want all affixes to be legendary, there are some exceptions you prefer epic over legendary especially in PvP.

  5. Look at the 1,2. Also the other way to not loose mythstones if obsidian gets wrong affix can be adding it first without preparations with epic affixes but you will waste more obsidians then. Or you can fill item with epic affixes, add obsidian and then add sockets and craft mythic. Your choice.

  6. Extra attack and Multi attack are really useful affixes if you are using primary skills and not special ones. Didn’t played much rogue but my gun was shooting 5 bullets very rapidly with +4 multi and 2 extra attack chance. Those affixes can be pretty nice i think especially with the talent that buffs extra and multi attack damage.


Wouldn’t it be better to do the obsidian (and pre-obsidian epics) before using mythstones? You can still get a bad obsidian roll with all other slots filled, and then you’ve wasted your mythstones.You do have to use Zircon to make the sockets after you get your crystal affix, but I usually have plenty of them.

Yes it’s better to create mythic after crystal affix, you are right. But sometimes if I have the item from drop with 2 affixes I want I need to create mythic first or I would not have the slots to create it later. Zircons aren’t the highest rarity crystal but you can still convert them to more usefull rubies.

Legends also ensures that your rolls will never go below 75% of max value. I remember a time when items can get minimum rolls… They werent fun. XD

Now if you use a crystal on a max quality legend, it has a very high chance of being maximum from the start.


Thanks for the replies, buds.

So if I could drew the baselining conclusion:

  1. Find legendary item with affix(es) unobtainable via rubies that we want.
  2. Increase iLv and iQual to maximum.
  3. Pre-obsidian Epics.
  4. Socket-Mythic/Crystal Obsidian (depends on available slot).
  5. Insert Set Affix.
  6. Insert Epic/Legendary Affix.

Is that correct?

And… if…

  • Crystal affix we don’t want from obsidian: Quartz disenchant and hope it won’t screw up legend affix? If it does, then gg… reset from step 1?

  • Bad roll from obsidian: :facepalm:?

Thanks a bunch!

You can’t quartz a crystal affix without deleting everything else bec. it deletes from the bottom up. And crystal affix is the topmost affix on the list

It also removes the item’s LEGEND status so be careful!

Err… so either I follow Rubik’s Crystallograohy steps (start with Epic/Rare) … or the grandeur start with Legendary but harder to get since getting favorable Legend is harder than getting favorable Epic?

Which leads to another question…
Since it was mentioned Legendary status may give max/below 75% stat roll,

why is Rubik’s guide adamant about starting with high quality Epic?

May high quality Rare work as well, or there’s hidden perk in Epic. Afaik, any Rare with sufficient affixes count becomes Epic. Yes?

Thankss a bunchh!

Rubik’s Guide is pre Legend Item buff. Now you want High Quality Legend items. Higher Quality = less crystals needed to upgrade quality. =P

Meh. Emeralds are dirt cheap nowadays.