Crafting my first mythic – need advice for choosing the start item

Hey guys! I’m at the exciting step of crafting my first mythic. I have tried to find information about crafting stuff – and found a lot – but some question I have remain unanswered (probably too basic to have been documented!).

I decided to craft a ring with the mythic “hunter”. I don’t know with which ring to start.

1 - What criteria should I consider? What does matter?

My understanding is that the quality level is important and that I should start with a high one. My understanding is also that if the item already has some slot for mythstone, it will cost me some crystal Zircon less…

2 – Does the (I’m not sure how it is called) title in blue (Bewilder, Continuity, Magnify, Spiritual, etc.) matters? Is it something that will be destroyed by the mythic, or something that cannot be changed and that I have to choose accordingly? I’m asking for the title in blue but also for the number after (eg. Bewilder 20).

3 – Level. My understand is the I should take level 100 item if possible but this can be upgraded easily with crystals.

4 – Can I take eternal? My understanding is that most crystals won’t affect the eternal so it might not be a good idea, but on the other side they have quality of 50 so I’m not sure what to think about this.

Any other advice / comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much guys – you are making this amazing game – even more amazing!

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Nice :smile: first I would like too congratulate you on reaching the point where you are crafting a hunter ring this is a super important step for any player! The thing about the hunter ring that is interesting is it is actually the 1 mythic you don’t have too worry about any of this! :grinning: one of the best things you can do for a hunter ring is get any rare or epic ring with 4+ empty sockets this is because you don’t actually need too use the hunter ring as a normal piece of equipment you use while fighting the thing about the hunter ring is you may equip it activate the shrine and then un-equip it for the rest of the floor.

this strategy is even more relevant now that ascensions are a part of the game as you will only need a hunter ring for so long before you can ascend too a point where it is no longer needed :smile:

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Thank you very much! The ring has been made : )

But for my futur Mythic and also to help me manage my inventory because I keep everything just in case, I would greatly benefits from answers regarding the criteria to consider. Many Thanks guys!

  1. The most important thing are unique affixes that can’t be obtained with crystals, such as elemental damage. Otherwise, you have covered the important points.

  2. No - these can be changed easily with crystals.

  3. Correct.

  4. You can, but only a very limited number of eternal items already have 4 sockets (required for mythics), and you can’t add sockets. If you get one of these items, after you fill the sockets you will only be able to add affixes with rubies (or below) to fill the empty slots.

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