I’m baaack;) With a few more of my noobie questions.
I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole crafting part of this game. I recently got my first nadroji ring - class specifik for wizard, and rerolled it for warrior (my only toon so far).
It looks like this:

My question is - how do I go about it, if I want it to look more like this:

Not necessarily with the same afixes, and not for rogue;) but higher quality, etc. How do you guys go about it? What I would do, with the advise from a lot of the guides found in here would be to ‘peridot’ the item to ilvl 100, and then ‘emerald’ it to as high a % quality lvl as possible before using an obsidian Crystal on it, and then move forward from that point.
I do not though have any idea if this is the smartest thing to do. I’m wondering if I should strip afixes I don’t like from the ring before using obsidian on it, or if that is a process that can be done after the crystallization of the ring without costing anything extra, other than the pound of flesh the RNG gods demand.
As usual - any input is appreciated, and if you feel like I could find the answer myself, by reading a specific guide - feel free to nodge me in that direction - I’m somewhat “getting lost” in all of the great guides in here - having a hard time extracting the specific info I need. Information overload at the moment:p

All the best

In the case of this ring I would suggest following the basic steps of applying peridots till it is level 100 and emeralds until it has reached 25% quality Then the most efficient route would be too remove all affixes that you do not intend too keep or are epic affixes you want too reduce the number of affixes on the item to the minimum possible before applying the an obsidian. Before applying the obsidian you will want too plan out the build this item fits into in it’s entirety having a variety of potential viable crystal affixes makes the RNG gods more likely to be merciful when extracting their pound of flesh =P . Once you have obtained a crystal affix you like in the case of this item specifically it should be possible to reroll it till it is perfect before applying the final affixes you require :smile:

Awesome. Thx for the input. I think the whole developing a build/making items suiting it from scratch is the thing that intrigues me the most about this game, and at the same time, it’s the hardest thing for me to comprehend:p

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Quite understandable the crafting system is very easy to learn but holds a rather large chunk of depth within :smile:

I follow Griffin’s advice.

You may find this reference helpful as well.

Also, When it comes to Obsidian affix, it won’t roll a duplicate affix. So if you want obsidian Crit damage affix but your item already has that affix you won’t get that option on the roll. I use this fact to my advantage by adding rare/epic affix (cheap) on the item for affixes I don’t want obsidian to roll. For example I may add hp or mp regen rare affix, and then roll obsidian, so that obsidian roll doesn’t include those 2 afiixes. I only mention this because once you roll obsidian u can’t remove it unless u remove all other affixes as well. Hence the difficulty in crafting perfectly affixed gear :grin:

Here’s a list of affixes.

Hope these resources help as a meager supplement to Griffin’s recommendation :smiley:

Thank you so much! I actually had the crystalography post bookmarked, but forgot that it included info about how to craft in details. It’s exactly what I meant by information overload;)
Also ty for the bonus info about how to somewhat manipulate the obsidian!