"Craziest Things" Thread

It’s a bit of rebellion since fickle RNGesus just decided to give me a THIRD Jester instead of something else… Gah :grimacing:

Let’s have some fun by sharing yours too.

Your screenshot of the pet larimar is the craziest thing :joy:

Hey now, rocks have feelings too. :confused:

Are you that guy who is using Pet crystal on PVP ? Lol.

Are you asking me? or the others? If you are asking me then No, I’m just riding with Emman’s joke.

I am trying to ride his joke too lol… Someone posted a guy with a pet crystal in PVP

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Oh my bad then, I thought you were pertaining to me, tbh that post made my day, lol.

Yeah, That was the funniest/craziest thing I saw today. It can even fetch lol.

the only thing that crack me. why make pet into laminar and not obsidian. lol. laminar=cheap pet.

Pet rock have feelings too you know

Best pet rock