Crimson set build

Hi, I wanted to have the crimson set because I like the gameplay with daggers that are really strong. I have these 2 parts for now.

The other is the battlegear but can’t upload screenshot.

Is there a good place to loot crimson items ? And wich items should I have as ring and secondary weapon to be strong in battle arena and in floors?
I’m Rogue lvl 93, floor 210+

I usually loot a lot of crimson items at floors 195-200. :smile:

Farm the floors that @Lanthanides mentioned, and you may also want to use Nadroji Crystal and Stone so that you can have other set affixes (Green). All Sets+2 is a game changer.

I just got the Crimson Cap. Would you recommend cataclysm as ring ?

If that’s what you prefer.

where to get the nadroji fastest?

I was trying to do floors to earn stuff but realised that you can earn very good stuff by paying 6000 for a common thing and (If you’re lucky) have a legend item. By doing this I had 3 crimson blades, the crimson battlegear and the crimson cap. I earned a lot of Nadroji too so it’s a good way to earn good stuff I think and is faster than farming a while in floors and maps !