CRIT CHANCE calculation

I am using ROGUE with SmokeBomb.

I’ve got EPIPHANY (5) and it takes my CRIT CHANCE to 75%. If I cast COATWEAPON (+15%), will it take my CRIT CHANCE to 90%?

PvE you dont need to have high Crit Chance because it always Crit everytime.

PVP. Base Crit is 10%

Using Epiphany increase stat cap IF the cap of Crit is 75% using Epiphany, you cant increase it anymore…
Too much dude. Too much. :joy:

Thanks for your reply dude!
What do you mean by “CRIT everytime?” Do you mean that its ALWAYS crit hits when PvE?

Pink Colored numbers means crit :blush:
Dont need to waste slot(s) for crit.

Using Rogue with a CoatWeapon deals crit and elemental crit even without putting Crit Chance affix (Epic or Crystal)

Yeah but only +15% and +25%. So slots in Crit% are not “wasted” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

If you invest that much Crit% then yes ;).

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From where did you get that 15% crit and 25% elementcrit numbers?
I always thought it was 60% for crit and 100% for elementcrit for coatweapon.

I lived a lie, LOL

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