Crit Chance & Crit Dmg Cap?

Thank you.

I’ve only recently re-balancing gears around for PvP as I just climbed up to eternal rank. I was quite shocked to be able to kill someone with 144K hp in arena (which I know is really high in PvE lol)

In PvE, my dmg can range from 2m ~ 12b from poison cloud & blight, but then there’s perseverance so, trying to find a way around it.

I met my first 100k+ HP opponent in the Arena a few weeks ago, at least that I remember, and won (which is why I remember), but it took some time to get the HP down. I think it was a Warrior that was chasing me around, and he had some good healing too, so it was a lot of hard work. PVE farm build for the win!

I’ve met a few 100k+ hp players, only managed to kill the mage one; which was surprising. Lost to warrior one.

there will always be trolls…



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I noticed that max epic affix is a static number

Eternal affix twice the number

Crystal is thrice the number

Based on my recent eternal craftings, it’s not impossible to have a perfect roll but, perfecting more than 1 affix seems extremely difficult.

@ObiWanKenobi a troll i like that a troll that tells truth…

@solid_ice8 try epics on fabled staff or unreal hood or dearly sin items. Strange things happen

For example

Now imagine any epic chance epics on deadly sins set bonus

I had a full set of eternal deadly sins, but it didn’t seem to help much in pvp or pve…

Anyhow, I have fable & unreal hood (eternal) and it’s really helpful in pvp lol

@solid_ice8 SDS is useless, its either a display/trash in your bag or stash

the few posts that there are for 7DS say the same, or just for farming, but @dickwad is sure doing a good job of giving 7DS a makeover. kind of like making a Mud Golem look like a Diamond Golem. for this post, the 7DS set would boost crit chance and damage nicely. you would just have to build around that. not easy, but look at the 6DS PVP build that was posted. kind of exciting. makes me want to make some crazy build of my own. I just hope it can do at least half as well.


See I always knew nothing is truly useless in this game. There’s always something really good for anything.


@Golem six deadly sins :slight_smile: I have faith in you and I can’t wait to see what you do with it .

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got side tracked with other builds that are easier to work with (I think). I think I need more crafting experience before I do anything with 6 or 7 DS Builds.

if your crit is over cap and this “secret” of yours sounds like cheating to me :confused: just saying

we can use 7 DS in arena? is it good?

@D_MESSIAH Me and Golem have a 7 deadly sins PvP guide on here. It’s good fun to play but under powered against immortal builds. But still can achieve surprising wins. Check out our guide :slight_smile:

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okay thanks for the info…