Crit Chance & Crit Dmg Cap?

What’s the cap for these in pvp?

24% & 140%. caps are scaled down 60% in PVP. hmm, I need to remember this when I make a PVP build, eventually.


Are you sure this is the cap? Really?

No cap, dont (believe everything) you read

It has cap dude :joy:

Yep that’s right!

The most I’ve seen on players seem to be 3 sets of perfectly rolled crystals (53% crit dmg x 3), this includes those perfect crystal eternal gears that I seem to be reporting alot of…

edit: According to most (and even dq battle rules), it does say PvP is scaled down 60%, but I did some calculations for perfect Crystal stats and it doesn’t seem quite right…

In PvE, a single perfect roll of crit dmg is 225%, in PvP stat window, we all know it turns out 53%.

If I plugged in my calc, 225 - 60% = 90
When I used 225 - 76% = 54, which brings me much closer to 53.

I did this with all crystal items, it seems to be quite close too. Perhaps crystal stats reduced ~75% in PvP or so.

Anyhow, does anyone know where I can check the max caps of everything in PvP?


I know someone who will know @CuzegSpiked

This guide has the max caps of PvP. Basically its 60% of the PvE cap. 350% max crit.

Edit: no it’s actually 40%. Just like how the bonuses are 40% of what they would be in PvE.


On side note, holy crap the image is so small…

Ikr… Image is fairly small and I had to zoom in to read them.

@fudgenever10 are you sure? There is a cap in pvp? What if there’s a secret that i know that you dont know. Donl some back reading in the topic report cheater…

No there’s no secret Lol.

There will always be a secret.

Stop worrying. There’s no secret for the caps and stuff. Just the types of builds that can be discovered and it just takes thinking and trying to discovery

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That i agree

Is it safe to assume PTL is capped at 40% along with GC?

Test them and see… The true cap for critical chance is 24% and critical damage 140%.


I forgot where I read but, someone did mention PTL capped at 40%. does this mean so does barbarian? I haven’t read about the cap of barbarian anywhere at all :frowning:

Also, is it worth maxing quality of every item? Does this make a difference in pvp?

thank you @Mr_Scooty.
to be honest, I haven’t really done much of my own research on the affixes in the Arena, as I haven’t made a dedicated PVP character. but I have learned a lot from reading many of the posts on the DQ Forum that are focused on Arena builds. from what I have learned, I know that my farm build will only go so far in the Arena, even though I am doing a roller coaster ride between Mythic and Eternal League.

Also, is it worth maxing quality of every item? Does this make a difference in pvp?

@solid_ice8 an affix of 25% is 10% in Arena. if it was 20% because you didn’t max it out, it would be 8% in the Arena.
Twister Proc is 25%, max at 100%. for Arena I would have 4 Twister Proc at 10% each for 40%. the max would scale down to 40%. if I had the Twister Proc’s at 8%, I would need 5 instead of 4 to get the max.
if you mean the Item Quality, then yes, it does make a difference in PVP. do a search on item quality and PVP, there are a few good posts on Item Quality in the Arena.
@fudgenever10 scaled down 60% is what it says in the Arena, which is 40% of max, which is what my numbers show.