Crit/ deadly strike/ crush blow by poison cloud?

I see some toons with Green garden build that gets dmg from poison cloud and they have put a lot of crystal affix for crit chance, deadly strike & crushing blow on their gear. Do those work from poison cloud or would it be better to just put all +100% poison & +5000 poison?

How does crit/ deadly strike and crushing blow work on poison cloud and other AoE and DoT? Is a poison cloud only get 1 chance to make a crit/ deadly strike and crushing blow? Or can each tick of a DoT get a chance to make a separate crit/ deadly strike and crushing blow?

Lastly, would this be the same for all AoE and DoT actions like Storm and bleeding?


All of these can activate at any point that you deal damage to an enemy :smile:
Side note: you shouldn’t use +5000 poison damage do to the way the damage formula works but definitely do use 100% poison damage!

Thx griffin! :smile:

This explains why the build is so strong.

Ok I will make some changes to my poison wizard hireling. He’s pretty good at Floor 500 and just follows my main killing everything. :muscle:t3: Right now he has:

  • Bombard MH for meteor
  • Cosmic Power/ Nova OH w mana shield & shatter (ambered)
  • Aftermath chest
  • Equality/ Harmony hat
  • Plagued/ Equivalence ring
  • Eternal Haunting necklace (+4 sets & +191% poison)
  • Druidic pet

What affix is best for the MH- poison dmg better than weapon dmg? And since u say deadly strike works for poison that mean for the chest mythic I should make Brutal?

Sounds like you have a nice build

Weapon damage straight up your mainhand weapon should simply have as much weapon damage on it as you can get :smile:

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Haha thx it’s not that good yet. I haven’t added obsidian affixes & many rubies yet bc I’m not sure what to put. But I am trying ! :smile:

The only problem w this build is on boss fights. It takes a long time to kill 1 strong target. It does best when big groups of enemies get poisoned