Critical damage types

I’ve been searching for more information as to when and how critical damage types come into play for final damage and do they have an order, but haven’t found definitive answers. Do critical hits add together or compound?

For example, where damage from critical hit chance (A), elemental critical hit chance (B), bleed © and Nova (D), and total weapon damage is X, is the formula:

  1. (XA) + (XB) + (XC) + (XD)


  1. ((((X*A) *B) *C) *D)

Also, do critical hit types affect damage before or after damage modifiers from skills and affixes (such as set or bonus affixes)?

For the most part effects are “compounded” to use your term. So if your damage is increased by X and its being increased by Y on enemy hit and then you crit for Z extra crit damage, those effects are all multiplied together, generally.

I can help answer some specific examples if you have them to give a better idea.

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@SteigerBox I just realized how I numbered those above lol…

Ok for example, I’m using both Crit chance/dmg (60/360) and elemental crit chance/dmg (40/200), and my MH damage is X. So there’s 60% chance to do 360% damage, then a 40% chance to also hit an elemental Crit for 200%, so if i succeed at hitting for both critical damage types, am I correct assuming the formula for final damage is:

Example 1:
= ( X * 3.6 ) * 2
= 7.2X

Or are the critical damage types applied to the MH damage separately and added afterwards, like this:

Example 2:
= ( X * 3.6 ) + ( X * 2 )
= 5.6x

I know it’s the first example type for skills and affixes (multiplicative) such as using Orb skill and Defiant. If i understood correctly, it’s also the same for critical damage hits of multiple sources? Thanks for taking the time to answer.