Crono Gift [ PvE Build] Hachimon -Warrior-

6k hp

Btw Chronos, you apparently won’t post your fire build, will you? :slight_smile:

i will once im done making it, make 1 build is not easy lol. i mean i will need to customize the affix properly for example i need ×2 +5000ED, i can’t have both on same item, i also need ×5 of XX affix and another ×4 XX affix and other thing too, need to think a way to have all needed affix while not being forced to delete some affix other affix.

depend on what u want. u need to test thing out to get the answer

Sir 2 quick questions:

  1. Is it possible to use amethyst so I can get Frozen set affix on my necklace?

  2. To get that block affix on my ring do I have to use obsidian?

Ive used around 5 amethyst and 5 obsidian and still haven’t got those affix.

Sorry for the newbie questions, TIA!

1.Convert your item necklace to rogue class first before applying amethyst. Frozen is exclusive to rogue class.
2. You can only roll block in your off-hand weapon using obsidian. But you can get other crystal legend gears with block (crystal affix). All items with epic block affix by default has a chance to be a crystal legend.

I’m gonna ask the stupid noob question…
What gear did you start with to make all this possible?
I feel stupid for asking this, but this seems perfect for how I want my warrior to be built.

how do you get 100% ice dmg on the chest? i tried it many times and only got 100% frostbiting but no ice dmg :confused:

Hate to tell you, but the only way to get elemental damage on chest is to get it from a drop. Give this thread a read before using any rare crystals!

omg :tired_face: but thanks… MH + OH the same i think?
do you now which items i need?

insolence(skull)converted to horn then frozen fate(axe) the new mage stuff (stage 500+)

can i ask you if that thread is still applicable with the latest patch? because i read some comment there regardless with the lates 2.1 patch the Elemental damage can now be roll i think? please confirm me this

To my knowledge the thread is kept up to date, and you still cannot roll 100% ED with ruby.

The best build for warrior pve … I got floor 1050 using this … thanks for sharing with us crono :smile:

how did u get the Ice Damge + %?

like the X% Ice Damage + ? its can now be rolled?

you can onl get those affix from certain items thru drops not via amethyst

ahh thanks again f00kee i didnt saw the patch notes i thought u can rolled them

Hi can i ask how to obtain the name of the item? when I tried to create those item I’m just getting a name like Axe / Horn / etc etc TIA…

In previous patched items would have the mythic that was on them put in the name since then that’s been removed to keep arena builds a secret :smile:

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