Crono Gift [ PvE Build] Hachimon -Warrior-

oh thank you so much Griffin…

Glad to help out :smile: :+1:

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Thanks again… now I’m running out of rubies haha

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Yeah rubies are always the difficult ones aren’t they :sweat: thankfully they can be removed easily so even if they take a while longer it ends up being all good :smile:

Yeah that’s correct! just don’t forget to max out item quality then you’re good to go…

Yup exactly :smile:

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Griffin do you know how to create Energy Ring?


Thanks dude my other source has an error haha…

Glad to help out :grin:

Griffin, last question dude why do you think he maxed the throw sword hero skill?

20 points in throw sword would give it a 100% damage boost so easy greater lethality :smile:

oh i get it he changed the skill … didn’t notice haha…

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:+1: :smile:

Why does my axe only has 19.6K DPS? same affixes with above…

@f00kee can you show your equips hahaha

Probably item quality. Use emeralds to max it at 25% iq :))

This should be helpful, cross check LegendEx for item locations

An alternative you could try is a hammer with ed% for high base dmg. You can get an easy glinting hammer and prepare that for the build while dealing so much higher dmg in the long run. Also like @JesusSaves stated, you could try to max item quality to 25% to see the difference. Maybe another idea is that instead of ed%, you could use wd% and put the ed% somewhere else in the gear for more dmg too :slight_smile: . Just some suggestions I thought of. It’s up to you really :slight_smile: .

If you do decide to get weapon dmg 100% instead of ed% though, try getting machoshists edge from wizard class or scoundrels blade. You then turn It into hammer and voila, a hammer with a possible 100% weapon dmg . You could alternatively get ragnarok hammers or jasper Ragnaork wizard swords into hammers for the 100% weapon dmg as well.

For the pet of hachimon, I suggest replacing vampiric touch with pathfinder for more bonus dmg :slight_smile: . It will make a Huge difference.

But it’s a better idea to keep ed% on your mainhand weapon since it isn’t used so much. The horn can have wd% to add more dmg though if need be and ed% somewhere else then.

Even if you don’t use hammer, its fine because throwsword you don’t spam so much in the build.

Btw phalanx will no longer give you an extra block but it will still have shieldwall and speed (may be a keeper for move speed) but you can replace it with some other talent if need be.

Thank you so much for the helpful pieces of information and Tips! The axe is already at maxed quality (25%) that’s why I rolled the affixes at max easily but still the DPS is 19.6K… anyway I’ll try different weapon and affixes as you suggested… Again, Thanks!!