Cronos: Remake Breaknex build

Above is the build u have currently. ive looking at it so many time lol. that build cant be helped anymore. so i just create 1 recipe for rogue gun for u. the only part on your set that can be used for this remake is your cap/head part (because that deadly strike affix). So below is the recipe. it hard to get item tho. so if u want make this build u need to grind like hell.

MH: Munity Gun
S.Affix: Defiant
C.Affix: A.Speed
L.Affix: +ED%
E.Affix: +WD
E.Affix: +% WD
Slot: +50% WD (Endow)

OH: Insolence trap/Mirror
M.Affix: Vanish
S.Affix: Electrified
C.Affix: Block Chance
L.Affix: +ED%
L.Affix: M.Speed
E.Affix: +ED
Special: Stealth
*U need electrified not because boost reflect damage. but for paralyze change ability. as it stated. attack have a +5% [Rank 1] chance to paralyze. at rank 5 it should have 25% chance, that enough already.

Leather: Ndaroji Robe
TALENT: Pistoleer
M.Affix: Skilled
S.Affix: Advanturer
C.Affix: C.Chance
L.Affix: +ED%
L.Affix: Ignore Resist.
E.Affix: +ED
*U need extra M.Speed here to reach hidden cap for m.speed & +%Dmg.

Cap: Any.
TALENT: Rebound
S.Affix: Momentum
C.Affix: D.Strike
L.Affix: Glasscannon
L.Affix: M.Speed
L.Affix: MultiAttack
E.Affix: +ED
*Here u need boost your ricochet bullet damage along with skilled mythic on your leather. U dont need stagger to stun, u already have electrified set to paralyze your enemy.

Ring: Nadroji/ Any
TALENT: Propulsion
M.Affix: Fury
S.Affix: Rage
C.Affix: C.Damage
L.Affix: +2 Set
L.Affix: +%Ele.Crit.Dmg
E.Affix: +ED
*U will use Fury, it just not right using extreme high speed attack build with Mp. it drain too fast. and since this build 100% damage. u will leak in leech. so removing mp is the best way. furthermore fury restored on each primary attack. and only lose 50% fury for each special active, (Won’t be trouble when u have extreme high speed attack.)

Necklace: Nadroji/Any
TALENT: Deadeye
M.Affix: Sentuary
C.Affix: Dodge
L.Affix: +2 set
L.Affix: Ele.Crit.Dmg
L.Affix: MultiAttack
*Fury will increase special skill damage. by the amount fury % before cast, mean it make damage of your twister do double damage. and identity increase your twister damage by 62.5% at rank 5. (more multiplying, more damage). Sentuary is Aid Kit. as u dont have any heal resources except potion. U use deadeye to increase chance for spike. not using ambush as u dont have any +WD damage on OH.

20k shock + 300% ED
= 80k shock damage.

  • U have 3 base multiplying damage, defiant, advanturer and momentum.
  • U have 2 primary multiplying damage, Skilled and rebound.
  • U have Special multiplying damage, Fury and identity.
  • U have spike damage booster. Rage.

This build will let your bullet go hype flying around and hit anything it can hit lol. and so shock element ability, each attack stack debuff +12.5% damage up to +50% damage. this build is balance build between primary and special. so when u want to move/change position, u can use twister to lock them for a while. I name this build “Piranha” u know that fish. u know how they kill and eat. well that build themes is piranha lol. so i just name it piranha. haha, Btw Goodluck!!! it will take time to build. but i believe it worth to make. for damage. looking at the affix and setup i made and from my experience. it will do atleast around 700m.



Thx man

it okay tho. just help what i can.