Cronos Upcoming Build Idea

there arent any free gift full set mythic stone from arena~~~

The only thing u get from arena is Vanity and win chest reward and away win chest arena…

For vanities
When u get to magic league u will get aura vanity. Fire aura when u reach magic league in 1v1 and ice in 2v2.
When u reach eternal league u will get back vanity.

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Oh… So sad…ima go back hunting…what floor do u prefer to hunt for elixer?

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any floor start from floor 150+, elixer is high end. it will very hard to find. u will need mythical set affix. but even with that it id sti very hard so u need to farm like hell and convert salvage feat for MS.


You could try to buy the 5.4m mythstone and hope to get lucky ^^


Omg…ima go hunt again. Thanks guys. Brb.

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enjoy your hellish farming babe. lol


I finally got i elixer and just put on my amulet…it says (3)momentum…yay…
Can u give me a tip what floor do u got ur nadroji ring and amulet?

any floor start at 150+ maybe. it rare tho, very very rare for first 1 lol

Coz im on 363 floor now…i cant see any… But i got nadroji coat ^^

Should i go down to floor 150??
Can u check on ur dictionary the last seen of ur nadroji ring and amulet?

it unknown lol…

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Try using your nadroji coat. When I have nadroji set affix. It always seem to drop when I start farming long lol. The right floor is the one that you can finish the fastest. If you can have max item drop, max luck, and A hireling would help.

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Hahaha okay. Ima find it better. Ill go down to 150… Is that ok?

Im using this coat now…

yeah, try it out. Good luck. It will drop :smile:
The first drop without nadroji set affix is the hardest part. But eventually you’ll get it.
Also try epic enemy hunting. Use hunter mythic ring on rejuvenating pools and shrines.
Also a + for the mythic feat.

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I make my nadroji coat like this. Hope it will appear… The ring and amulet…do u prefer on cronos said 150+ floor? Or ima stay on 360+? Floor?

What floor should i go hunt?


Im on 373 now. Still farming for that nadroji…
And that bow with red weapon dmg…hahhaa

i found alot nadroji item even if im not using any nadroji item to find it lol…

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Wow, but how?. Please tell me… Please. I really need that ring and amulet.