Cronos Upcoming Build Idea

This is Project where i plan to do since the first open beta arena LP reset.

The theme of this build is “Frustrating”
This build designed not to kill as DPS stacker. also not as Defender when ppl encounter it. it will just make ppl encounter it frustating and eventually forfeat lol.

This build recipe is done. as i compose each affix in each pieces correctly and as i do some calculate. whatever damage other toon deal it will just less than 10 damage (Even lohko damage). So hopefully this build can be done before 2.1 released.

Frustating build is coming. muehehehe
*Not going share this one build tho, so dont ask for it. coz i cant handle that burden being frustrated. lol


hope you share it bro…hehehe…i’m just 2weeks old playing this game but loving it. Spent most of my day playing both my rogue and wizard. kinda frustrated with my wiz, now im using it just to farm gold. but might revive him after farming crystals and mythstones.

like what i write in main thread. the answer is no… and i just made its recipe. not the build. so just as what i count it should be that way as i predict. lol

Hopefully Ill run into you b4 you hit eternal

will use lohko till eternal then before retire from Arena. i will put that build. lolol

Lol gg

Just maybe if it happening and it do as what as i predict it should be. MAYBE i will make it as contest, whoever can deal 1000+ damage per hit. i will screenshot it full equipment. make thing exciting ×2 the fun. lol. bit like o said. MAYBE

I’m planning on a build like that also but its a future plan.

lol, get the idea from this

I got it from facing emman lol

his toon wreck your.?

His warrior. I did 0 damg on him lol. I do billion of damg in pve but in PvP I do so little damg.

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nice nice nice… (y)

(y) = what that mean.? its look like hahahaha

Try out INCOMPLETE FRUSTATING BUILD, still have few part need to polish (perfect roll) and need to change, hate using recycle item from other class tho. But because the crystal affix needed are on that item, use whatever can lol. @SteigerBox do u have plan to make something like new stone or anything that can safety remove mythic skill from item.? I have a lot mythic item+ crystal affix, it would be not worth it if I convert since it only give MS and no crystal even though I have crystal affix on it that worth ultra rare crystal,.

*Side note: Still hunting lohko user in arena to see the damage their toon deal. PS: look at the incomplete frustating damage prevent, the damage it heal is equal to damage enemy deal, complete heal lol. But the damage I expecting to be just around 10 is fail~ enemy can deal higher than that. Sob, Incomplete build FAIL.


Hi sorry so busy…can i ask what level can i get a full free mythicstone on athena?

athena.? arena.? there aren’t free mythic stone from arena. except if u open arena chest and it drop random MS

arena i mean… I remeber i got a full mythic stone on arena when i reach the second stage. But i dont remember what stage it was…

it is free gift from dev. not the arena lol

In,what stage?.

Do u know,what reward can i get when i reach eternal league VII?