Crushing blow and critical hits

Do crits actually have any affect on the damage a crushing blow does I assume no and what I’ve seen backs me up on that but if anyone knows for 100% sure it would be an interesting bit of info too have

I have seen a crit dmg from crushing blow in the pvp page so likely yes. I’m not sure if you can make a deadly crushing but I know for sure that crushing blow can be a critical from coat/sureshot/crit chance and other crit dmg tools.

Correct me if I am wrong though. Also from that floor 9k video, I assumed that he used crushing blow and most of that extreme dmg was likely from crushing blow.

Crits have no affect on Crushing Blow. Once a Crushing Blow is triggered, the damage is based purely on the enemy’s health.

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Thank you for the confirmation SteigerBox :smile: <3

What about crushing blow in PvP? is there any differences in calculation compared to PvE? i already search the topic but unfortunately this topic Crushing blow in pvp is old and got no answer

Crushing blow is calculated the exact same way in PvP as in PvE however you must remember that crushing blow damage gets nerfed by the tier of the enemy so in PvP it only ends up doing a little over a 1.5% of your enemy’s hp

ooooo i see, that is why crushing blow dmgs are so low in PvP

Yup :smile: