Crushing blow and life regen/stealing on enemies issues

So I’ve been playing casually for maybe a year or so (not exactly sure, but it was at least 6 months before rogue was introduced). I’ve gotten all three classes to 99 and individually cleared the first 200 levels with each class. I’m having some trouble with a few things and I’d appreciate any input I can get from the community/devs.

Here’s the issues. Crushing blow is supposed to remove 12.5% of current health from Epic type enemies but I have yet to see it do anything at all on them. I’ve tried many times but this ski just doesn’t do anything. At a 10% proc rate and hitting four times a second I ought to be seeing significant increases in enemy liquification and I’m not. The skill activates according to the combat scroll; but there is no chunk taken off the enemies health.

That problem is more recent for me as I only recently started incorporating it into my gear, so I’m more wondering if I’m incorrect in how it works. I can’t really test it on regular enemies as they die too quickly and are too numerous to definitively say which enemy was crushed. With epic enemies I can get them solo and test.

The second issue I have is regarding challenge maps with enemy regen and enemy life steal. First off; they seem to regenerate much quicker than stated. I had a shrine guardian at ~20% health and it recovered to full in 6 seconds when the map was supposedly at 1.4% health regen per second. That should have resulted in 8.4% health. Not 80%. As this has happened multiple times I’m fairly convinced that there is a decimal placement issue going on.

Finally we have enemy life steal. Typically I see this number between 140-180%. My warrior has 97.1% total damage reduction with 67.4k armor and 44k hp. Basically; if an enemy one shots me they should get less than 90k health back. Considering most epic enemies I face have between 10-50 million hit points, this should be less than 1% of their total health. And that’s if they one shot me. They normally hit me for around 2-4k. Which should result in about 3.5-7k health returned. That wouldn’t even be noticeable when I’m hitting eight times a second for 150-200k plus DoT damage (currently using poison but I switch up a lot due to another gripe I have regarding enemy resists; but that’s a different thread). Given that when an enemy has both life steal and life regen I ought to be seeing somewhere between 170-190k per second total life regen for the 10 million hp enemies (assuming an attack rate of 4/second) while I’m dealing over eight times that; not including procs or crits. This should result in me dealing damage at a rate of approximately 1.4m/second or roughly 7 seconds to kill that enemy. I should not be completely unable to bring that enemy under 75% health. Again; I fully recognize that I may be off on my numbers and the enemy health I am guessing based on my damage output on enemies without health regen or life steal.

Anyway; love the game and I’m looking forward to getting that sapphire bug fixed; I don’t even want to think about how many pieces of gear I ruined before I just stopped using them completely.

Oh! One final question. Does the ascendant set ability to make using arcane damage lower enemy resists not work or is it just me? I use that set off and on and it seems no matter what I do I get the same numbers on any given enemy. I assume it only affects enemies who are actually resistant to a certain element i.e. An enemy who is resistant to shock would be less resistant after using arcane damage as opposed to it not increasing damage against an enemy who is either neutral or weak against an element. But my damage numbers don’t change. Granted I only tested it a couple times against an enemy which was strongly resistant to every element except arcane (which due to the life regen and life steal I was completely unable to kill or even get below 95% health despite attacking for ten minutes). Just frustrating when there is literally nothing I can do to ki an enemy. No gear swapping; no strategy changes, simply an impossible to kill enemy.

i skimmed through your post and i recommend you write a tl;dr after that wall of text

anyway as far as i know epic monsters are really beefy (massive hp) and they regenerate a % of their max hp, so either you try to increase your dps or try to use skills that have cc like twister or blind etc to preveng further lifesteal from them,.

crushing blow %hp damage decreases vs stronger foes, the 12.5% applies to white rarity, and around epic maybe 2.5%hp (dont quote me on the exact number it might be wrong)

in terms of survivability, you need more than 44k i think, you may have alot of armor, but you need the HP to soak all tht damage, i recommend jaspering(is there CPower for war/rog?) cosmic power set from a wizard equipment and narojis or +set myhts.

im not sure about ascendent set (wasnt very appealing to me to fully understand and use it) but try jaspering the wildhide chest piece (yes its a wizard item again) it has a legendary affix Resist Ignore, basically say goodbye to those pesky greatly resist affixes.

hope this helped

Sorry about that; I’ll try to edit in a summary.

From what I understand the crushing blow is 25% against normal, magic and rare enemies, 12.5% against epic and 6.25% against bosses (and assumedly legendary and mythic enemies). But that is information I got from another post on these forums so I cant guarantee that I am correct. I know the tooltip says 25% of current health.

I know my dps and health is low; which is why I tend to stick to ep4 or less. And I only have problems when both of those affixes are present on the challenge map. It just seems that those two affixes are disproportionally strong in comparison to the affixes. But if I’m the only one then I’ll assume it’s just something I’m doing.

My set up at the time of writing the original post was two elixir stones giving me +4 to sets. Plagued set, blood magic set, ascendent (or eletrifying as I’ve been trying to test out those sets to see which one fit) and the cosmic power set (from the wizard as you suggested, though I already had it prior to that). Since then I got a rage set piece to replace the ascendent/electrifying set and that is working out much like I had hoped it would. I see crits for 6m now.

So basically I think I’m on the right track; just need to keep increasing individual stats though I’m still looking for another way to increase hp. Thinking since I got the cosmic power set I should move all my level up points into magic instead of health.

Thank you very much for replying and for the advice. I haven’t gone back to 200+ maps as I was farming the low 100s for the rage set. Hopefully it will be better now.

if u still need some hp,just get mana+ and mana%, 20intell, and dump every stat points in mana, shoulde be alot of hp/armor/crits(rage)

oh ur more ahead than me :3, im still at lvl90 crystals ;p

Yeah; been thinking since I have the cosmic power set that I should change my stat basis around; especially since the armor from hp is pointless when using the plague set bonus. Haven’t done it yet cause I’m still farming gold. Converting crystals and mythstones take a ton of gold. Also; I was wondering how the extra attack affix calculates into whirlwind. Am I just wasting an affix slot by keeping it there and this I can safely change out my current axe for maybe one with a set affix or is it actually adding into my damage as listed on the weapon? Sorry if that’s an old question that’s been answered many times. I just don’t want to get rid of the affix or the weapon if it’s not going to help me be a mobile blender. Of course I’d have to actually find an axe besides Fate’s Travesty which I seem to get every time I identify an axe; but that’s just a matter of time and luck.

One final question: how is your followers/hirelings luck, gold amount etc. calculated into the max (650% I think?). Is it cumulative, additive or not relevant?

Once again thank you for the replies and the help/advice.

Your hireling’s luck/gold find/item quantity doesn’t stack into your stat, only your main character’s stat does :smile:

Ok; thank you for answering. Makes deciding what to equip the hireling with much easier.

Your hireling’s luck/gold find/item quantity doesn’t stack into your stat, only your main character’s stat does :smile:[/quote]
When did that change? It was averaged before.