CRUSHING BLOW find it hard to understand: ((

for example got the damage of 5k then when it crushes it’ll only only inflict 400 and up. Will someone plus explain this affix to me?

Crushing blow removes 25% of current HP of the mob every proc. So if it has 100 health, 25 hp is removed. which leaves 75 HP. then if it is crushed again it removes 25% of 75 hp.

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Is this only for mobs? Not for pvp?? :frowning: used these in pvp, don’t think it removes 25% of enemy’s(Player) current hp :frowning: Only for mobs then?

I don’t usually play arena. I think it also works for other toons(players) too?

And once again: The ingame Codex is your friend. :smiley:

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Crushing blow only deals 25% of current hp. I’ve had a really weird experience of dealing 2 and 3 damages on the enemy. XD

Alright then im not even asking for the game’s dictionary. Already know that. treating me like a noob. Fine.

Enemy rarity lvl 3 means 75%?? Or what I need a precise description for Christ sake: /

Enemy rarity 3 means 25%^3 = 1.5625% :smile: ^# is used to denote preforming a mathematical operation such as squaring or cubing a number :smile:

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Thats what im talking about, damage of 7k then when it crushes it didnt even deal 25% of the enemy’s current HP instead the damage is only a hundred below.

Ohhh thanks :slight_smile: for example you have a damage of 1k then when it crushes its supposed to inflict 1.5k??

It would depend on the enemies current HP and it’s rarity so lets say you’re fighting a player that means that we are looking at enemy rarity 3 and lets say their current HP is 35000 so to calculate the crushing blows damage first we would calculate the strength of the crushing blow based on the rarity of the enemy so that we can tell what percentage of HP it’s going to take from them

25%^3 = 1.5625%

then we multiply their current HP times the crushing blows effect

35000 * 1.5625% = 546.875

So the crushing blow would deal 546.875 damage rounded up so 547 damage to the enemy in this example :smile:

Damn. Mindblown lol haha .Thanks btw take a look at these “exposed shield” I thought exposed mythic is for chest? Uploading…

Exposed is for chest the item being called exposed shield is a visual bug with offhand mythics being put on shields :smile:

Ohhhh. OK thanks for noticing me senpai :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: lol

I would recomend not using crushing blow in PvP. The way everything works and is reduced it just doesn’t work. Every time I’ve had crush in the combat log its more like the attack does 25% of its normal DMG lol. Example I have enigma on the list 100 times doing between 700 and 800 DMG the couple times it says crush it does like 200 DMG. I’ve never seen a PvP crush do even close to the dmg of the same attack without crush. Now pve on the other hand your not playing the game right without a crystal affect for crush.

I suppose I don’t really like deadly strike in PvP either but that’s just due to such a low chance its not worth the stats. Your already looking at probably less then 5% chance to crit. Then on top of that less then 1% of that 5% to deadly strike. My life is far to unlucky for that to be worth any bit of my affixes. I’d probably create some void that causes crits to back fire and DMG me before it does triple dmg to the enemy lol

Yup I agree with you