Crushing blow

I’m using crushing flames(6) and I noticed that I kill magic ennemies in a single strike with crushing blow.

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that might be because crushing blow damage will trigger along with the regular damage, so once their health is reduced , the normal attack damage will kill it

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I remove something like 0,5% health with regular hits.

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which Skill/Spell are you using?

Torrent, meteor and skullshield. I also deal huge damage to rare ennemies (25% of their life)

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Skullshield has a lot of DPS against one target, but the DPS goes down if it’s attacks are split between 2 or 3 targets. and it doesn’t have an AoE, unless you use Explosion affix, or Poison with Toxic.

Torrent last for a few seconds and hits four times a second, and there are three Torrents doing this DMG. if you have your AoE boosted, then it is possible a target is getting hit 12 times a second, either by Crushing Blow/Flames and/or regular attacks.

Meteor drops one, two, or three Meteors per cast, depending on how many Points you put into the Skill. when they hit the ground, and they leave a crater which lasts for two seconds, which do 25% DMG four times a second.

when I had a Crushing Flames Build with Storm 40, I did pretty good killing monsters, and when I added Demonic, the monsters died faster.

Skills with a high Attack Frequency can do a lot of DMG in a short time. Storm hits four times a second, six with Storm 20, and 8 with Storm 40.

also, Crushing Blow was changed to take up to 25% of enemies current HP. it used to be 10% of current HP. reduced by enemies Tier Level. so it is doing better than it was before against higher Tier monsters.

just remember, in addition to Crushing Flames DMG, you are doing Fire DoT, Immolate DoT, and Spell DMG if the Spell last for a few seconds.


A simple crushing blow skullsheild bolt on immolated magic ennemies one shots


Skullshield can be awesome. Especially in a tank build.

It looks like enemy rarity is lowered by 1… :neutral_face: