Crushing Flame Bonus

should i get the crushing flame bonus or just invest it to another set affix

Depends on you if u like it or not.


I dare someone to do an all Crushing flames eternal build. That bonus would be good in that way but other than that, not super good.

Although if you’re willing to sacrifice 3 set slots and feel like you’ll still do well, you can but it’s totally up to you.

Aftermath set is better. For strong meteor build and fire damage immolate. But there’s no blistering immolate appears oftenly but bleed from blistering sometimes not appearing

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@CuzegSpiked “the six crushing flames build” . After my deadly sins build I will hold my hands up and say any build is possible. I may take the challenge on


I tried a Crushing Flames (6) build, but I had to put it on hold, as I realized I needed to learn some more to make it work. between the 6 Set affixes, 3 Immolate affixes, and the Bonus, and a few other affixes the items come with, that leaves fewer spaces to put other stuff in. I have Crushing Flames (5) on the Build I am using now, but in the Forums, there are some good ideas to put CF to good use.

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Been experimenting with a crazy summon build. 6 x legend summon Furies on mythic items @Golem. Another build on the back burner

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I dusted off my Crushing Flames (8) Build and took it out for some Dungeon Crawling. around floor 1140ish on M3. it has the Crushing Flames Bonus, Momentum, Demonic, and Reactor.

it is actually doing better than the Build I am currently using, which is kind of frustrating. on the other hand, it is kind of nice to see that CF is doing so good still. there are some Map Affixes that are hard to deal with, because they make me die a few times on those Maps.

since this isn’t a farm build, I can just rush to the Cartographer to go to the next floor and not worry about any monsters on the way. my movement speed is +70ish (using Stealth on OH for more movement), so I blow past monsters while they are still spawning, and just let my Skullshield smack the monsters.

right now I am using all Fire on the Build, but was also using Ice/Fire. I was using Prismatic when I was using it months ago, but that kind of felt like I was watering down my damage potential with Crushing Flames. I am also thinking of switching out Orb for Storm, which means I have to decide if I want to keep Orb Proc & Reactor Set.

with Crushing Blow lowering up to 25% of the enemies current HP, Crushing Flames got a little bit stronger, I think. I met a Mythic Monster also, and took it out in around 3-4 seconds. that was a good feeling for sure!

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I loved my crushing flames hireling. What I hated about high floors was the immune monsters that could take 30 minutes to kill. I found a remedy though. Just close the map.

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lol, close the Map! :stop_sign: :world_map:

I realized that I am actually around floor 1260ish on M3, so I am further along than I thought.

I was changing my Items Elements for a better Element configuration for my Weapons, and came to the conclusion that I need to put an Elemental Crit DMG on my OH, which means moving affixes around. I went back to using Prismatic, and feel that Ice MH & Fire OH is the best for my play style. Crushing Flames on Skull OH for lowering enemy life fast, and Ice MH for locking down enemies so they can’t attack me. Prismatic is good for when you are using Amplify Talent, but if you don’t get Ice for Freeze when you need it, things get kind of hectic.