Crushing Flame + Frozen Explosion Bug?

Currently i play dq in samsung S10. Before using s10 i play using oppo f9. I just realized there’s different result using CF+Frozen explosion on those 2 phone.
In oppo F9 CF+Frozen explosion can not kill carto, i had to hit him until he died. No wonder it really made me slow rushing to higher floor. In oppo f9 i already choose low fx & disabled shadow option. I already reinstall the app several time but still still get the same bug.
In S10, CF+Frozen explosion can kill carto + other elite in 1 or 2 explosion, in option even if i use High Fx & High shadow there is no problem. Now it is better for floor rushing.

I wonder if there are other player that have this issue. Is this bug or just a bad phone?

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i think cf+frozen interaction got change or removed i think, if you are using 2 toons with cf on and frozen on other maybe thats different.

Have you look at map affix when fighting, maybe this can be a factor when you used the oppo.