Crushing Flames/Blow Struggle

Hi, this is my first time posting here.

In my first floor 500 experience, It’s been a struggle to kill Epic+ Monsters with crushing flames/blow, since it just deals 10% of the enemy’s current HP.

And one thing I have a hard time with is with my Wizard’s survivability, may I ask if it’s enough to have 60% dodge to survive these floors? (I might have to remove the +3 talents on Nadroji items xD).

BTW, these are my Sets:
Crushing Flames (MH)
Inferno (OH)
Vampiric Touch/Reactor (Chest)
Nadroji (Amulet)
Crystalline (Head)
Faun’s Gift (Ring)
Satyr’s Spirit (Pet)

That’d be all for my concern, all response would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading. xD


Defense: with only Dodge +60%, you might want to add Sanctuary Mythic to your Amulet. it has a 30 second cool down until it will save your life again, but it’s still a good thing to have. also, using Orb OH Weapon with Teleport to move around and out of danger is very helpful (I used this a lot in my Noob days) or increased Movement Speed. or put a Crystal +45% Block on your OH. I have a few builds with +60% Dodge & +45% Block, and sometimes Sanctuary, works great.

Crushing Flames/Blow: it’s 25% of current enemy HP. for each Tier higher of monster, CB takes a lower amount of the enemies current HP. 25% for Normal Tier, 25% x 25% = 6.25% (0.25 x 0.25 = 0.0625) for Magic Tier, 25% x 25% x 25% for Rare Tier, and so on. you might want to change one of your Set’s to Demonic, or find an Item with Legend Execute +100%. these increase damage done when you get enemy HP to 25% or lower.

this looks like a Farm Build, so you don’t really need to use it on floors higher than 500-510, unless you need to farm for Item on floors higher than 500 up to 1000.

stick to Reactor, and use Legend Blistering on a few Items. also add Epic +50% Bleed Damage. you will need Legend Elemental Crit +30% (1 or 2) or 2-3 Immolate. if you are using Wizardry Talent, you wont need either of these. Sorcery 20 (+100% to your Fire DoT damage), Wizardry 20 (20% Immolate), Magnify 20 (increase AoE of your Orb Skill, and increase range of Reactor), and Fester 20 (Fire DoT lasts 50% longer and is 50% faster).

do you have Epic +100% Weapon Damage (Legend +200% Weapon Damage would be better) on your MH and at least one Epic +20% Elemental (Fire) Damage on your Equipment (one Legend +100% Elemental (Fire) damage would be better)? this would be a great boost to damage.

are you using Orb with Reactor to do most of your damage? make sure you get your Cool Down to +45% to +60%. you’ll see a huge improvement in damage with the Reactors, because you will be casting Orb faster. if you can put a Legend Explosion +400% on one of your Items, that will really make your Reactor and Fire DoT’s better damage dealers with a 5% chance to do an AoE explosion.

it’s tough giving a Farm Build killing power, as you need space for the farming affixes.

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Uhm, a little followup question, if I use the Wizardry talent, then it isn’t really necessary to put a single +15% Immolation on a single piece/gear?

And may I ask if is it a big loss if I replace my +3 All Talents in my Nadroji?

Will implement these @Golem, thank you for your detailed reply/comment!

crushing flames isn’t really effective with monsters that has regen

before you use a Map, check to see if it has Heal affix on it. if it does, use Larimar on the Map to change the affixes on the Map. look in the Codex > Dictionary > Map (Affixes) and Monster (Affixes). one way to see how good your Build is, is to use it on a Heal Map. this is also a good way to see why most players just change the affixes on a map when there is Heal or other map affixes they don’t like monsters to have.

Wizardry is like Legend Elemental Crit, it can be used for any Element. Wizardry 20 gives Elemental Crit 20. if you are using Orb Skill, it attacks 10 times a second, +1 for every 10 Orb skill points you put into it. if you think your Arc from Reactor isn’t causing Immolate very often, then go ahead and put a +15% Immolate on your Gears.

Legend +3 All Talents. in the early game, this is useful. in the later game, most players just put 20 points into each of the 4 Talents they want to use, and replace the +3 All Talents with something more useful