Crushing flames help

Hello all!! Im kinda new to this game and im now trying to go further than b200 on m3!! I heard that crushing flames build are good for that but i havnt found any explanation on how to do it!!

  1. How many crushing flames set i need?
  2. How many crystal crushing blow i need?
  3. What are the most important affix to add up on my items!!
  4. What my full build should look like?
  5. Is inferno set important?
  6. How can i increase my dmg output?

Might wanna see this thread sir. INFINITY BUILD REVEALED. Seth's Gift for everyone

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@Skyzoh89 the responses to these posts should help with questions 1 & 2. for question 4, do a search on Crushing Flames Builds, there are a bunch of them out there. for question 5, Inferno Set would be good if Fire and Immolation DoT is an important part of your Crushing Flames Build.