Crushing blow

How Good is crushing blow? Its more good than critical?

@KevinCalimbo1 depends on your Build. try to combine Crushing Blow to Crushing Flames. and you will see. goodluck.

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What is crushing flames? Sorry im not really good and im new in this game, and im wizard

Does wizard have crushing flames?

You can find gears with crushing flames set above floor 250 in mythic 3 difficulty. I’m not sure with its effect cuz the definitions on dictionary and gear are somewhat different. But I’m sure you can’t go wrong with crushing flames and CB.


Crushing Blow: you need the affix to have this attack. CB gives a chance to take 10% of the enemies current HP. so you can’t kill a monster with it, but it gets the monsters HP down fast so you can chop the remaining HP easily. on lower floors, you don’t really need it, but on higher floors, the monsters have so much HP, CB becomes really important.

Critical Hit Chance: every Character has a base 10% chance to get a Critical Hit. this can be improved with an Items Nature, or by putting affixes on your items. there is a total 60% cap for CH. CH is good on any floor.

Critical Damage: every Character has a base +50% Critical Damage. so if you have an attack that does 100 damage, and it is a Critical Hit, it will do 150 damage instead. you can add CD affixes up to a 350% cap. this is in addition to the 50% base CD%, so if you have your CD at the 350% cap, your total Critical Damage will be +400%. so if you have an attack that does 100 damage, and it is a Critical Hit, it will do 500 damage.

Deadly Strike: this gives you a chance to double your Critical Damage. you need this affix on your gear to have it work. if your Critical Damage was 500, if you get a Deadly Strike, it would be 1,000 damage. DS has a 60% cap. so if you had 50% Critical Chance, and 50% Deadly Strike, on average, 1 in 2 hits would be Critical Hits, and 1 in 2 of your Critical Hits would also be Deadly Strikes. you don’t really need DS on the lower floors, but as you go to higher floors, it will be good to have.

Brutal: this is a Mythic Affix, that you make using a recipe of 4 Myth Stones on your Chest Item. this increase the damage your Deadly Strike does from 2x to 3x. so if you did 500 Critical Damage, if it is also a Deadly Strike, it would do 1,500 damage instead of 1,000. not every one uses this, but if you use Deadly Strike to increase damage, Brutal will help a lot.

Crushing Flames: this is a Set Affix. it needs the Fire Element, Elemental Critical or Immolate (the Fire Elements Elemental Critical), Crushing Blow, and the Crushing Flames Set Affix. what it does is give a +50% damage to Crushing Blow per Set Affix Rank when the enemy is Immolated. it also increases the damage of Immolation.


Wooaaa, this explains me alot, thank you so much, Golem :+1::+1::+1:

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And thank you too kiane and alkahest

it took me awhile to learn all this. playing, reading Codex and Forums, asking a few questions, checking out the different Classes and Skill combinations, playing some more, testing, playing even more…