Crushing Twister (1k Floor M3 easy cleaning with video gameplay)

I already knew crushing flames was OP. I obliterates floor 1k without even trying on my farm build so who knows how far you get with crushing flames.

Congratulations on reaching floor 5k+ :slight_smile: .

Also nothing is secret, not even crushing flames power so I don’t think he leaked anything lol.

Still congratulations on the build. Fire nation will rule! :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: .

I’m also a DQTester too :slight_smile: .


hehehe thanks sir. anyway, beyond 1k floor is only for show in the end of the day. pvp is the next thing for well farmed folks. :blush::blush:

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Lol. That’s very true because my build could go on forever in floors but I don’t actually have to do it.

PvP though is the next best thing to make because you can prove how good you are and it’s a nice way to farm extra stuff like Eternals and Legends.

@clonedheart hi i got some questions does this build have 60%crushing blow? How much elemcrit dmg should be enough for this build?

Isn’t 30% enough? I think it probably is.

Found your item dq ternal edited eternal set need root like only craft legend im no root

@Cuoban whos gear is that?

u mean this?

Nice build. But why did you say its easy cleaning build for floor 5k m3 when u only tried it at 1k floor? Have you been to 5k floor? Only reason I asked is becausr I reached 5.5k floor m3 and I know how strong the mobs there. This build will have difficulty killing mobs at 3k

This is misleading as you didnt show that you opened the map for 5k floor. I can tell because crushing blow damage in floor 5k almost fills the whole screen, you deal sextillion CB damage.


Review my recently replys for more info,sorry I hiden something cuz I think it is dev job to nerf op builds, but not wait players report,we farm hard and need a little relax.

Harris vil name face book dungeon quest eternal lair

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Yeah @clonedheart looks real legit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… All of a sudden the item is summoned with the same stats in legend form.

And all other Eternals mysteriously converted to legends as well.


Oh all of a sudden it’s floor 1k instead of 5k - convincing…

So 5k didn’t work out without edited eternals?

Only the cheater knows. Hahaha

@f00kee actually sir, the video there is played at 5k.

Oh,great then if it can easily kill at 5k. Re-upload the video and record the part where it shows you opening the map and loading screen shows 5k floor. Dont forget to show what equipment you are using :slight_smile:

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@f00kee sure thing sir. ill try to upload it later

Yeah ur ryt. They realy farm hard . 26.99m dust . amazing . 24/7 of playing not bad . maybe hes top 1 in legends found .

@Mandelbrot are u one of them? :disappointed:

+1 thanks for sharing keep it up .:slight_smile:

Oh yeah that 26.99M dust. Guys please, if you cheat please don’t polute this forum with it.

Already the fact that he uses ED+, Aetherial Drain and Defiant shows that he has no clue what he’s doing.