Crushing Twister (1k Floor M3 easy cleaning with video gameplay)

(Screenshots will be addrd when i get to hold a real keyboard, stay tuned folks)
Hi everyone. This the creator of Frozen twister and now im back with a much stronger build for twister again thanks to patch 3.0. ok heres the deal. The build focuses on crushing blow which is enhanced with Crushing flames so fire element is a must.

Video Gameplay:
*Newbies, sorry this is another high reroll build
*Pros, good news! this is an op build. bad news, gm will nerf this crushing flames for sure.


Vampiric touch
Aetherial Drain
Crushing flames
(pet is up to you- for improvements)

MH: Gauntlet
OH: Skull (ambered to have taunt- dor crowd control)

I added aoe range and strom proc for better crowd control.

Must have:
As much as possible, max out Crushing blow. have decent damage (1b dps will be best)

Just like frozen twister, activate skull and spam twister.

Remember: This build utilizes Glasscannon and empower so expect that
1hp is ur perk. Santuary is a bit mandatory.
NOTE: this build is my idea and had no other reference. if there are builds similar to mine, feel free to let me know. and let colaborate instead. :joy::joy:



Wow,finaly someone leakage the secret :blush:

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hahaha didnt know this was a secret tho :joy::joy:

I guess at least 100+ players knew this,but they kept silence.


nyahahahaha im breaking the ice! i mean flames. :joy::joy:

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Oh you bad boy still hide some,not bad :joy:

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i will be uploading the video. watch it and witness the opness.

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gameplay video is online. :blush::blush:

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+1 :eyes:

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please watch the video. hehe

I watched. :eye::eye:

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wow thanks. any comment about that? are you really a dq tester? forgive my insolence. hehe im not really familiar with big people here.

Yes, I am actually a tester. :+1:

I am not big, I try to stay skinny. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The build looks fun. I will have to test out crushing flames. I have been busy doing other things since 2.5 ended.


hahaha thats a dream job of mine. :joy::joy:

I have build like this too but a Rogue Class Bow type. Deals 500B Per second and has 60% Elem. Crit for high chance to activate Crushing Flames (Crushing Blow Final DMG only activates when enemy is Immolated) and 60% Crushing Blow too.

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What if got into Floor 10k ? Maybe it deals Quadrillion DMG per sec. Hahaha

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Your build is pretty OP dude hahahahaha. I have plan. Why dont you Skullshield add Frozen Set affix and 30% Freeze ? Maybe it can reach Beyond Septillion when Frozen enemies explode.

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My bow has insolence trap and ambush talent to spawn ice traps and easily freeze them to explode with the combine of Crushing Flames. I still didnt reach septillion but maybe if i can go to higher floors, Frozen explosion extends.

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hehehehe sad to say but frozen set is not a good combo with this build since its prerogative that i have to use fire element. and frozen needs ice.