Crystal affix

is it possible to change an equip with a crystal affix by using another obsidian? or is the item already useless when the crystal affix is not what you want?

No, not completely useless, but it is painful to see that you have bad crystal affix. I feel you :frowning:

started playing this game just less than a month ago. dont have my target farming set yet. very hard getting obsidian. maybe looted just 6 or 7 in total ever since i started playing. really an ouch when i dont get the affix i want.

Again: Abusing the DQ Account is counting to cheating. If you got detected, your account get flagged. The ban is irreversible.


My bad, I didn’t know that it is not appropriate. I won’t do it again. :confounded: cross my heart.

What counts as abuse? I don’t want to abuse but I don’t know what counts >.<

what happened? how did it get there? was just askin bout the crystal affix.

I’m a little confused; what happened here?

So the only abuse is hacking?

It’s about a deleted post :smile:

No, you can find more information here: Do's and Don'ts (Rules and Regulations)

I’m so confused. I read that, and the only things it listed are having hacked items (hacking), having an absurd score (hacking), using hacking tools (hacking), and “abusing the DQ account”. What am I missing, other than hacking, that is called abuse or cheating?

Perhaps the question is… what was the deleted post talking about? Was it talking about hacking or about something else?

i glad nobody see that text. @Refia u do fast work on this. thumb up.

what is “abusing DQ account”?