Crystal bug? Never mind my bad

Has anyone noticed that using calcite on a pet removes all calcite instead of just 1… I found out after collecting calcite for about an hour and it all magically disappearing in one go :confused:

On pet, it costs 5 crystals per apply for any crystal.

Fun Fact: I’ve tested and it works. Put all your calcite in stash and savage 1 angelite to 1 calcite and apply on pet, it will still works with only 1! LOL

Yea I noticed that afterwards, I salvaged the angelite one by one so I’m good now… Not sure why pets would take extra crystals than other things

tbh, I don’t understand too. Maybe devs rethink about it in next patch.

To make pet crafting a bit costly because it’s so powerful .

It was unthinkable of craftable pets last year and even before patch 3.0.

I can’t agree 5 epic affixes is “powerful”. They are just for cover rest of build.

I see, didn’t know I could edit the affixes on my pet… Still would have liked them to fix the fact that I get absolute 0 quarts/protest (or lower) at floors 500+ so its a pain that when editing my pets element I’m spending all the calcite I’ve collected just to roll ice on my pet :confused:

LOL, welcome to DQ 3.0

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It’s intentional that you don’t drop certain crystals every 100 floors which is why tier rarity exists. It did caught me though.

Floor 100= calcite stops dropping but quartz becomes as common as calcite and the obsidian rarity % chance gets reduced to amethyst rarity chance.

Floor 200= angelite stops dropping but quartz becomes calcite common whilst obsidian % rarity is to Ruby rarity chance.

Floor 300= quartz stops dropping but diamonds becomes as common as calcite which is very nice. Gotta love 1k diamonds and many larimar to hardly run out. Obsidian % rarity becomes as rare as Garnet drop chance.

Floor 400= diamonds stop dropping but larimar is as common as Calcite. Obsidian rarity % will become was rare as a natural drop of Zircon.

Floor 500= larimar stops dropping but Kyanite becomes as common as Calcite. This is very good since you can have so many Larimar, Diamonds , sapphires and many other crystals. Even obsidian becomes as rare as a natural Jasper Drop and that’s very good.

This is why floor 500 is such a good floor for farming crystals sometimes. Even though it can be irritating to not have calcite and other crystal drop, you will find that many crystals become so much more common.

Emerald in perspective will be as rare as natural larimar drops which means it becomes dirt cheap so obviously gone are the days of no emeralds if you farm enough times. As for Jasper crystals, they are as rare as normal peridot drops , ruby is as common as Topaz drops , Topaz is as common as fluroite drops.

You can make great use of this with 300% item drops when using hirlings and it’s even more useful on legend maps where item drops increases as well as crystal rarity %. I remember getting many obsidians in a row , countless Rubys, Amethysts, Garnets, Jasper’s, Zircons , etc. Its as good as converting many Eternals at higher floors , especially if you rush floors every certain amount of minutes and play for hours.

Floor 500 doesn’t have the same packsize advantage as floor 200 as I find that floor 200 and below have a higher amount of spawned enemies at 150% packsize or so than floor 500 but its still a decent amount of enemies to keep it pretty balanced with tier rarity.

The same story goes with mythstones too where Elixir can become as rare as a Fortune Stone and Fortune becomes as rare as Haste or so, which means you can rack up a fair amount of high rarity mythstones. The best part is that once you done a fair amount of this, you will never have to worry about mythstones ever again. As for crystals, well you will get thousands of crystals you’ll probably never use that are also fairly expensive but overall quality of life is easier.

Converting Eternals on floor 200 is sometimes better or at the same probability as floor 500 but you obviously need Eternalized and high item drops with Luck and then there’s RNG Troll like it can happen for floor 500. Floor 200 is much better for gold so if you’re short of gold , floor 200 for a bit. Floor 200 for EXP Gain too and overall legend drops for dust.

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I’m sure you already know about Tier Rarity @TeaCup but just wanted to explain just in case. You don’t play as often as me which I understand but I have definitely been lazier in game too.

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LoL! Aren’t we all tho’ ?

I guess so. I mean the updates do definitely make DQ easier so there’s better reason to play less. I mean nowadays you can get half or a full build with just 4 hours of play in one day or 4 days of 1 hour sessions which is pretty nice and even faster with dust farming , if you use fast farm builds that complete floors in less than 5 minutes or just close to that number.

Dust update, converting Eternals , Tier Rarity, Fortunate Ascension, Epiphany set, Nadroji Bonus , easier packsize and magic enemies % so less costly in gold , free as boost and feat boost.

Also the fact that mythstones you no longer have to hunt for after a certain period of time which saves a lot of time.

Playing less and doing it in your normal pace also means you don’t feel as much boredom and burnout sometimes but you can still get those dilemmas of “am I wasting potential amounts of crystals that I missed from not playing” which may make some want to play more.

Yea I’ve been running two characters that clear floors in about 40 seconds(average) although I only needed a ring of epiphany, so far I have the weapon, hat, amulet but no ring :sweat_smile:

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There is bug when using crystals on pet hopefully you can discover it and when you discover it, HOWDY! 1 crystal at a time . :grin::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Before 3.0, calcite cost on pets is always one…

Such a pain because it became 5 and you do not get that much calcite anymore… plus rng troll XD

Sometimes 90 calcite just to get the right element :parrot:

I’ve used over 150 of them just to get the appropriate element that it initially had. It’s frustrating AF salvaging angelite after angelite to void the crystal bug. Made that mistake with 90 topaz :joy:

I became nearly broke in crystal supply after pet crystal crafting so that’s why I’m gonna spend more time farming to recover.

I still have 1000s of crystals but I feel dangerously close to broke status.

1000’s of Crystals he says. Close to ??broke?? He says. :confused:

I have like 60 crystals in total RN. Like three of them are ultra rare. The rest are garbage. :joy:

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