Crystal Crafting Restrictions




7 eternal junk convert: 1 obsi, 3 amethys, 2 zircon, 1 jasper. jasper spoil the luck lol


Lol I need some of those lol


come and get it lol


I’ll trade you 1 obsi and 3 Ruby’s for 5 of the (:smile:


i need 30 amethyst lol


What is the best way to get ultra rare crystals. Converting legends only seems to give me from peridot—> Amber. I keep converting and Ive been doing it over 12 times and still no ultra rare crystals such as obsidian, ruby or amethyst as well as the zircon, garnet and jasper. It used to randomly give me those crystals until the recent patch where vsticks change. The vendor way is far too expensive and eternals or crystal legends that I want to convert rarley appear. Do i need crystalline and externalized to 5 to get those legends more often and crystal luck affix?


With my build forrune bringer ,( Change mh to Eternalized set). for much more easier getting legend and have high chance become eternal set. from 5 map. 4 map out of 5 that i travel get eternal item. that the way i guess. or u can try feat converting crystal.


I do try feat converting crystal but I grt bored halfway and I dont have that many crystals. I do it whenever possible though. My crystal supply is depleted :frowning: and also I am having a hard time finding elixir . My way of feat converting 500 mythstones works becz i have huge mythstone supply but thr chances for high level mythstone are low for zenith or elixir. I am trying my best :slight_smile: . What floor do I have to be where rarer crystals are easier to find and crystals fill up faster? I probably just need to play a lil more and I got this :slight_smile: .


I’ll give the eternalized set ago. I use meteor on the eternalized so It works best with my aftermath gear. How much eternalized does it have to be? 1 or 5. For me when I use eternalized, the chances arre lower than yours but thats just me. As i said, Ill giuve it a ago. I use nadroji items to help me get higher chances.


nadroji only help getting those unknown location item. btw i use eternalized (5)

just chat or ask thing like this in other thread. i assume this thread only for something complicated like mechanism.


Ohh sorry tho, mistake. i though we are having conversation in dev Answer&Question lol


Ahh sorry about that. Its fine that you reminded me. Thanks bro :slight_smile: . I did try to ask about the deadly strike mechanics and see how much different from crushing blowe but I guess thats already covered. Oops wrong topic!


Thank you for all the replies. And yeah, when I convert eternals/crystals, all it ever gives me is zircon and garnet. Out of 9-12 of em, all zircon and garnet. Imma keep tryig. I have the Crystalline (3) affix on my DPS build, and still pumping 14 mil dps, so Imma jump back in and farm 101-182 on myth 3 like suggested. Thank you guys so much for the responses! This is a great forum. I’ll be editing my profile and becomig a more in depth member soon. :slight_smile:


About the class set exclusives: Can wizard add their exclusives from amethyst such as aftermath or have to rely on finding gear. Just wondering. Same for other classes I guess. I need amethyst eternally lol… My ultimate build is greedy for amethyst. I want to use malestrom for more proc dmg with aftermath and plagued+druidc combo. I recently got a cosmic power pet which also has ED to add to my current 30000 ED+ . Also this build greedy for rubys. I cant find torrent proc from ruby anywhere :frowning: .


my GreenGarden (True form) eat 30+ Ruby. lol


My build is almost as greedy as your builds now especially with the many mistakes I made. I spent over 10 rubys and over 5+ amethyst. I may need 200% blight and torrent proc by replacing mythical with it or only have 100% blight, torrent and a new set affix like rage maybe. Let me know what Improvements I could make after building the ultimate build. I dont trust obsidian though. Since obsidian is extremly hard, I don’t use obsidian much for useful affixes likr regen, deadly strike and others. I might use obsidan later on but for now, I don’t need much. I do have critc dmg and chance as crystal affix becquse I was lucky back in a month ago and decided to keep em. This build is taking longer than I expected because I changed plans. Vanish is really working in the build and making a big difference in pvp as well as pve. For farming, I can convert eternalized into a bombard staff and crystalline if I want and have resources for it. The only thing that could be major thing to improve build is eternal pets and trophies but I can save that for future plans. This build uses alooooot of crystals just to max quality as well and me changing the plans costed even more. Also for the rest it uses loads of crystals and some mythstones. That’s all I have to say really.


You can use amethyst for it :smile:

Yeah the most crystal I use is amethyst and ruby. Amethyst because I normally craft crystal legends that doesn’t have a exclusive affix. Ruby because it has a lot of choices.

Example I want Crystal MP regen on my build.
And I already have a Druidic amulet with Crystal mp regen as a drop.
I craft that and add the other affix.

Good luck in finding the affix needed :smile:


I am alao having trouble getting druidic and the torrent proc :laughing: I am gonna need a lot of jaspers, zircons, rubys and amethyst as well as some garnets. Looks like I will need to hardcore farm set affixes before build complete. To make it easier, I could replace with another aftermath staff and place same mythic there and affixes. I know what I have to do now and good luck to me finishing build. Thanks for telling me aftermath can be got by set affix. That gives sigh of relief.


What is the max amount of one.Crystal can be obtained. I’m on my lunch break an I been searching an not to I d it yet. I thought it was 99 till I noticed she. U click on them I had 120. So I wanna know so I can keep a look out before I reach it.