Crystal Crafting Restrictions


Don’t worry. There’s no limit on CS/MS quantity.


Oh good deal thanks @vol.


It is possible to add in item drop affix on armor or helmet ?
Is that affix on wiki is possible to add in on all gear ?

Coz i heard like block chance only on OH weapon…



i’m not sure about topaz or ruby, but if you want a sure way of having item drop affix you can use a fortune mythstone to socket into your gear and since it’s a mythstone, you can have all of your gear possess a +40% drop(correct me if i’m wrong on this percentage). however there is a cap on item drops so be careful coz your ms could be wasted if yoou add but you reached the cap already.


40% on weapon, 30% on other, but there is legendary affix for 50%, I believe on all gear. Fortune Bringer warrior guide (of cronos) shows this.


thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:


My wiz alt has Legend item drop on armor, headgear and ring. :smile:

Via ruby :smile:

But the problem is ruby has a lot of choices so you need to save a lot of ruby >.>

Edit: I am not sure if you have a fortune mythstone if it would affect your ruby chances.
But I think I spent around 20-25 ruby and I didn’t get it on my chances.

My wiz gear had the option when I didn’t have fortune mythstone.
But I can’t be sure if I was just unlucky when I had the fortune mythstone.


Thanks or the clarification guys !

My fortune build it doesn’t perfect yet ! But already caped luck and item drop, between main hero or hirelink…
The next step i wanna put item drop legend affix in jewelry and armor
so… i have a room for increase gold affix

Well… i have some other question

When i try to put crystal luck affix… but its never appear, the question is should i deleted luck affix legend first ?
So crystal affix luck doesn’t triggered ?

Thanks :smiley:


Yes, that’s exactly it: If you have an epic or legendary affix for some stat, the crystal affix version will never show up in your choices. In other words, you can never have two kinds of affixes of the same exact stat increase.

So if you’re trying to get a crystal affix for Luck, make sure there are no other affixes with Luck already on the item.


I see… thank you @Benzonia !
Now i do not worry to delete some affixes :smiley:


is battle mage attainable via amethyst (for wizard gears)?


Yeah it’s attainable via wizard gear


are the new set affixes obtainable via amethyst?


You can only obtain Scoundel on Mage and Etheral Drain for all three classes. :slight_smile:


how to get epiphany affix?


You can find them past floor 600 at Epic difficulty.
Everything can be found in the codex.


so it’s not possible to get epiphany via amethyst? why is it not for all 3 classes? i was thinking to use it for increasing farming stats…


This guide is outdated i think. I can get any status immunity from ruby now.


It is.


Dear developers, let’s help Emman change the information in accordance with the 2.1 patch. Correct me if I’m wrong:

Cannot be attained via Amethyst:

  • Scoundrel
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Masochism
  • Smoke Screen
  • Cerebral Vortex
  • Mayhem
  • Epiphany
  • Berserker

Cannot be attained via Ruby:

  • All Healing
  • Barbarian
  • Push the Limit

From the list “Cannot be attained via Ruby:” exclusion:

  • Blind Immune
  • Stun Immune
  • Fear Immune