Crystal guide for newbie

[quote=“cyberjuba”][quote=“emman23”][quote=“cronos1234”]new record for me… buy 50k gold crystal got obsidian. lol… extreme luck.

EDIT:500k gold.[/quote]
I get a lot of lower lvl crystal at 500k XD I stopped and just wanted 5.4m but you posting that I might try again. I got ruby 1 time >.>[/quote]

I used to do it, buy them all, but never got the high lvl ones…
So I stoped to save some money also.[/quote]

i only try once on 5.4m crystal… guess what i got… jasper. lol…
buy 500k+ crystal… random got… but mostly topaz… sometime jasper. rarelt get ruby. and now extremely rare for me to get obsidian

i feel like im gonna fly… lol who expected to get amethyst from 500k gold (peridot symbol) lol not lucky as when i get obsidian… but hell im still lucky…

Is it worth buying crystals from the merchant or converting legends i dont need into rare crystals. I did get obsidian from converting a legend gear but it was a low chance. I did get better crystals including obsidian from crystal and eternal items. I never really bought from the merchant so thats why I asked the question. I only bough the calcite symbol crystal at merchant before and even then, I rarley buy crystals from merchant and I just rely on gaining or converting legends into crystals. I hope someone can answer the question and if better, use mathmatical statistics of percentage chances of gaining certain crystals from converting normal, magic, rare, epic, legend, crystal legend and eternal legends with gold.

not worth anymore. this guide is from 1.8 patch where we dont have salvage item yet.

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I see . So converting legends is more worth it?

its same as u buy crystal on vendor but with really low price.

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Awesome to hear :smile: Im trying to quote your text but cant find quote button

Actually never mind i discovered how to quote texts now :smile: