How can i get living force in my equipment? is it from cystals? and can i put crystal affix + mythic and living force in a 1 gear or MH weap thanks im playing for a month :smiley: im still new here

i want to put living force here and make it crystal… my damage is around 600m lol pretty low. I want to achieve around billions…

Yes you can get Living Force via Amethyst. It might take a few Amethyst to get what you want.
You can put 1 mythic, 1 crystal and 1 set affix (Living Force in this case) on the same gear without any problem.

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amethyst is the lvl 95 crystal? how can i get lving force to 5?

I.Stone of Nadroji and Nadroji Crystal are the only gears that has a 2 Set Numbers Legend affix which works like +2 All Set

II.Via Elixir Mythstone. Must be socketed only on accesories(ring and amulet) for the 2 All Set to appear.

i mean the (5) Living Force. cause i have sets that only have (2) how can i get it to (5)

and about pets why i can use crystal to them how can i get a legend pet?

(Feats) Kill 200 Enslaver = legend pet

Calcite is the only crystal that you can apply on pets.
Legend pets drop randomly, but you can kill 200 Enslavers to get one for sure.

Or never if you actually want one. :smiley:

Yup, legend pet drop chance is low
But it’s possible :wink:

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