Crystal tier

After I read properly the crystalline set affix

What is the legend tier crystal?

From emerald to obsidian or topaz to obsidian?

Here’s am example of a crystal legend, crystalline works when buying with dust too


Okay okay i understand now thanks alot

not sure if this is accurate, but I think it goes Common first 8, Rare next 6-8, then Ultra Rare last 4-6.

Farm Builds are a good thing to have Equipped when buying anything from the Shop or LegendEx, as Luck, Eternalized, Crystalline, Nadroji, & Mythical affect the purchases there.


I agree on this.


Calcite - Fluorite


Emerald - Amber

Ultra Rare:

Jasper - Obsidian

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What does it mean? If you go buy an item using dust while equipped an Eternalized sets or Crystalline will giving you a chance to get an item crafted with an Obsidian for free?

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Yes, using your farming build with Crystalline and eternalized there is a high chance you can get cyan affix on legends when you buy using dust.


Here’s an example.

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Yes, only crystalline tho, it doesnt work with eternalised… there’s the other codex for eternal gear


But I’ve got some Eternalized items when I purchase those item in shop even I don’t equipped such Eternalized and Crystalline sets. Once again, it’s just sometimes and not often or always HAHA


the Shop & Codex are different.

Equipping your Farm Gear while getting something in the Shop can increase your chances for better Tier Crystals & Myth Stones, and better Tier Items (with the chance for them to be Legend, Eternal, or have Crystal Affixes).

Equipping your Luck & Crystal Farm Gear while using Dust in the LegendEx increases the chance of having Crystal affixes on your Legend or Eternal Items (if they have an affix on the Crystal Affix list).