Crystalline Set Bonus

Just thought that a Crystalline set bonus would be a nice update that doesn’t require much developing work (I think)

The set bonus would be something like, “have 2 Crystalline set items equipped and gain +100% Crystal Find / +100% Crystal Rarity”.

Just a suggestion cause it would be nice if it were a tad bit easier to find the rarest crystals since they’re at the heart of the DQ experience. :slight_smile:

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Does crystalline even work? I have crystalline weapon, eternelized head and nadroji ring and neck and i havent had a single crystal legend in maybe 300 legends

It helps a little @Cyrukh - though for your best odds nab the Treasured ascension perk as soon as you can, and max your item Find and Luck %s too of course. Everything maxed, you’ll probably get an eternal or crystal Legendary 1 in every ~13-20 around there

Cool idea! That bonus would definitely be useful despite being a little costly in high floor farming . Totally worth it :smile: . I know crystals can be fairly easy for me but to make it slightly easier for someone who plays say just 1 hour or 1 and a half hours, this will be a cool idea and it’s fun to go high floor farming this way if the sacrifice of eternal drops happens as compensation.

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Well, that’s a good idea.

Maybe the bonus could be like an additional 100 floor bonus.

Cool! That could be something to be considered. I’d totally sacrifice eternalized (6) for crystalline (6) with set bonus activated and eternalized (5).

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+1 to this

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How do you mean? Like if you’re playing floor 300 your drops are equal to as if you’re playing on floor 400?

Crystal tier goes up every 100 floors until you hit 500. Basically, instead of a shitload of Emeralds as most common crystal, it’d be Peridot.