Crystals and mythsones switching places

I know ive brought this up before, but not sure if its officially been documented. @tdaniel

but recently ive encountered the issue again. my gift and return stones have magically switched position in my storage.

with my crystals, i managed to convert all of both types freeing up their proper slots so when i found more they just went back to the right place in stash. but they were lower crystals.

i dont want to convert all my returns.
wonder if theres a way you might fix this in my save data from your end?

Its an annoying bug, to say the least

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Are your crystals in a regular bag or in the Crystal Stash tab?

crystal stash tab. and mythstone stash tab.

in this case… its gift and return that have swapped positions

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I will see what I can do on my end.

k. lemme upload first. one moment

should be up now

Ok, I will pull it down tonight and have a look on my end.

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ty. though i suspect i will be far to far ahead to want to download a fixed stash and lose all my progress at that point.

but you can still see what i mean.

i just dont wanna lose all my returns but i guess i may have to. ocd. :slight_smile:

Still looking at this issue. I cannot reproduce it on my end but I am still trying. Once I can reproduce the issue I can get the issue fixed.

i have no idea what causes it… but my word… 2x now it has happened.

i tried bangin all sortsa buttons and combos. couldnt reproduce it…

but i ended up just converting em all to fix it. ty.



turns out i DID post last time… with a screenshot

Emerald and diamond switched spots