Crystals/stones from different toons won't stack/combine?!

I couldn’t find this problem listed anywhere else, so i thought maybe it was an ios-specific problem if not, sorry for posting it here:

When the inventories of two toons I’ve been using since the crystals/stones were introduced filled up, I bought a 4th storage bag and moved all of my crystals/stones from those two toons to the new stash bag, figuring i could store them there and use them as needed. I was flabbergasted when crystals and stones of the same type, but from the inventories of different characters didn’t combine in my stash. I thought that maybe they just didnt stack in stash for some reason, and transferred them all back to one toon, hoping they would combine, but that didnt work either. I now have multiple stacks of each type of stone and crystal taking up multiple inventory slots, which is ridiculous, plus when I combine them, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to which stack of the combined stone/crystal goes to. Is this intentional (I really hope not!), or a glitch? Or am I missing something?

P.S. Still like the game, but enchanting is definitely detracting from my enjoyment since the crystals/stones were introduced. The old system had its flaws, to be sure, but it was at least simple and straightforward, which the new system is definitely NOT :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up, we will look at this on our end. We have a patch ready to go out this week that addresses some inventory issues and this may already be addressed. Will check to make sure!

Thqnks for your reply :smile:
If it helps, here is a screenshot to illustrate… Never posted one here so hopefully it works!

The original screen shot was too big apparently, i tried cropping it, hopefully it goes through now!

This happens to me too

transfer them all in your bag then click sort… solved! :wink:

Sorting doesn’t work for me. I had to transfer one of the two stacks of each item back to stash and then back to the same bag as the unmoved item of the same type. Even that took several tries.