Crystals through convertion

This what i found so far:

Converting eternal you get a jasper crystal but if you convert crystal gear you can get either a ruby, jasper or amethyst. So can anyone tell me the rate of crystal gear turn into amethyst??

Actually, you can get any rare crystal converting either a crystal or eternal gear. About rates, I don’t know them exactly, but I suppose chance of … < Ruby < Amethyst < Obsidian by observations of how many of each crystal I get after farm.

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Eternal legend and eternal crystal legends will drop ultra rare crystals when converted (500k gold). Ultra rare crystals are Jasper, Zircon, Garnet, Ruby, Amethyst and Obsidian. Amethyst seem to have The lowest drop rate even though those 6 are all by RNG. Converting legend gears (250k gold) can also drop ultra rare crystals, just not every time.

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I have quite a few obsidians via eternal conversion. Doesn’t come cheap though :frowning:

ok. thx for solving my doubt.

Huh I never got topaz or amber… Might be for the high luck but… Are you sure? Maybe you are confusing with the achievement reward for finding crystals, which can indeed give a topaz or an amber.

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Good catch! I had to go test to be certain. Topaz and Amber do not drop when converting Eternal legend or Eternal Crystal legend. I think i included it because I convert my legend gears also. I will edit my prior post.

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The topaz and amber don’t drop of converting eternal and crystal gear only drops are jasper, ruby and amethyst or obsidian if you have gods luck.

Actually, it drops, but if you already have they on your inventory, you won’t notice

No. It don’t because last time that i convert i didn’t get topaz neither amber, i just got jasper.

Note: At the time I didn’t have none of topaz and amber.

Oh so that’s how I had those weird wtf moments where I converted Eternal but don’t know where the Jasper’s to Obsidians were.

Well they were actually pretty extremely rare to even have those moments when Eternals converted into amber’s and topazes but I did know that they happened.

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I had many of these moments, I even thought it was a bug.

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