Crytal rarity in legend maps

i have a question:
legend maps says you get up to 500 % rarity for the crytals that drops, does this affect the crystals we get from the “use 500 crytals” feat?

what…?? that not even connect… legend map say 500% chance got rare crystal… the feat say using 500 crystal… no it’s not…

Xrizalide is correct. if you want the feat, the easiest way is converting crystals.

alright maybe my question wasnt well verbalized.

by completing this feat, you get a rare crystal.
is this crystal affected by the +500% crystal rarity from the legend map?

oh lol sorry. i’m not so sure as it is difficult to check but, i don’t think map affixes affect feat rewards.

thanks anyway^^

well… now i see the question correctly… crystal feat. only give you if im not wrong highest it get is ruby and lowest is topaz… but for the sake of argument… i will try it later… i mean it really easy to complete that feat… i tell you if it get me higher tier crystal if it happen… just convert those calcite 500 times… easy…

Quite likley, It most certainly affects crystal drops from collecting 600 drops and same with mythstones. Once I used mythical and got a zenith from collecting 225 mythstones in legend map. I think it will likely affact the feat crystal rarity or mythstone rarity. The best way to finr out is try it out many times though.

ok, thanks^^

yup… confirm… i got amethyst once in 4 times feat… it’s not bad… it nice…