Cs/ms farming need some guides

I have a question about farming cs and ms

Which floor is the best way to farm cs/ms? (floor 101) or (floor 500)

note: rarity increases every 100 floors. But as of now, I dont have enough equipments to farm in floor 500 with m3. But I can farm f500 with epic difficulty but it cost much of time. Like floor 101 m3 with 130%+ Pack Size. The good thing in farming floor 101 I’d saved lots of gold and time. I think the bad thing is Crystal rarity that I’ve got? unlike floor 500, calcite to larimar didn’t drop. So I eventually got rarer crystal.

Can someone give me some guides? or a suggestion for farming build. Btw, Imma rogue user.

You should just farm floor 301 M3 if you can, thats where the yummy diamonds are… but to be honest, just farm the highest floor you can while still one hitting everything…

Personally i farmed 301 until 1000 of every crystal up to emerald and have been farming floor 501m3 since then, salvaging down from flourite to larimar/diamond, and converting up from emerald. Maintaining 1000 of every crystal

As for mythstones, dont worry about them. They kight be rare now but youll reach a point where youve more mythstones than crystals for builds :sweat_smile:

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Oh! That was a good work. I will try to farm at 301 m3 and trying to make “Flash Farmer build” :wink: Thanks bro for tips.

Anyways, can you share some build for rogues that are using flintlock. Thanks!

Scratch this build, it was good but after re-testing… it sucks!
Mirror immages actually use their own multiplier now so the discordance of the multi shot only applies to yourself, and the +4 multi attack gets removed by the discordance. Then theres the frozen, it only works when the map isnt ice, so youd need to look into effective mythic or the ignore resist legend affix or if a sht load of weaken would work.

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@Mjolnir. See above post.

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