Cursed Item

I see some discussion about make eternal item fully customizable somewhere so i suggest another option about it:

Cursed Item:

  1. all items can be cursed except eternals, pets, and thropies
  2. cursed items will have 2x quality of the original item so if the original items have 25% quality it will have quality like eternals
  3. the items can’t be modified by any crystals once it has been cursed
  4. the cursed items can be sold but only with zero (0) gold
  5. once cursed, the item will be given a negative nature that replace the normal nature it has before. i suggest these negative nature will be an opposite of the nature that we have now but with more “power”, for example: the nature “of the strength” gives +10% crit dmg so the opposite nature would be “of the weakness” that gives -20% crit dmg

with the negative nature i think it will scaled down a bit since its quality can be like eternals but has powerfull negative nature on it. to sum it up, it will be like:

Mutiny of the Strength --> Cursed Mutiny of the Weakness


what would be the use of this ‘cursed’ item? how would it benefit builds?

double the quality but wont double the affix value,

if that’s the case then i might not try this. idk it still isn’t clear to me

ah sorry not to mention it, it also double the affix value, and about the use of it maybe by the new item called “cursed stone” or something like that

+50% quality means doubled affix values.

how about -25% affix values on cursed item? cursed item have great affix lets say but very low quality and -25% is its maxed quality and you cant increase nor decrease it, it always drops as -25% . Not only the nature is completley negative, also the rerolls can never be perfect and cannot be rerolled like eternals as well as have a massive nerf to the affix values.

still, cursed items have very powerful affixes (just an idea) but it has more negative downfalls. Maybe have a bonus where dmg increased by a very high% but only if you get all the cursed items of that certain set and you have to collect all. In a way like seven deadly sins, have very powerful bonuses but outweighed by negativity until you fulfill all 6-7 bonuses. The only perfect roll is the bonus affix but the rolled affixes (legend, epic, normal affixes) are ,maybe 50% or so below their full potential.

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