Cyclone/ghostly dead mobs

So, I’ve been waiting for my favorite mythic to be fixed for a very long period of time already. In behalf of those Ghosts lurking around when killed. Why took so long for a single mythic skill bug?

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@TYRON same i was waiting for it too. I hope they fix it soon. Also it would be good if they add more.mythics.

About the ghost bug ive read it somewhere that u needed to connect ur game to google playstore and have stable internet connection to avoid it.

Finally! Another one who understands! Damn

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Yeah @deathGG I really feel bad about it cause I think the devs already forgot about the Cyclone bug. And, @roykiyoy I know nothing about that connecting to google play store to avoid ghosts? haha how does it work?

@TYRON click the joystick logo in the game manu

I have a pretty good connection and im connected but i still get the ghosts and only while using cyclone mythic. Maybe its just another cyclone bug

Connection should have nothing to do with the “ghost” enemies. It would probably come down to game fps performance on your device.

No problem with it either. Only if i have a map with packsize my frames drop a bit but those ghost even appear in non packsize maps

I’ve reported this bug every patch and still got nothing I’m sad AF. :’(

It will be the first thing fixed for the next patch!


Ty. :’( :’( :’(

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The “zombie mobs” bug has nothing to do with Internet connection or device performance. One of the best things about DQ is that I can play offline, e.g., while on the runway on an airplane. Also, the game doesn’t seem to have too demanding of graphics - it runs well on the high-powered tablet I use for graphic design and on both my mobile phones.

Idk why the zombie bug happens, but here are a few things I noticed which may help u guys figure it out:

I’ve only seen it happen when I’m running fast through the map straight to cartographer, and hireling is poisoning mobs along the way and flashing forward to catch up with my main.

I’ve only seen it happen with poison.

The zombie mobs are visible on screen and poison color, but cannot be targeted by my main and no health bar shows. However, the hireling keeps shooting meteors on them but the zombie mobs never die

Ow, thank you so much @SteigerBox :smile:

Yeah, I’ve noticed it too @Annabells I keep asking them about it, but they said they couldn’t find the right answer. And also, it’s not just poison, it happens on other elements too and that situation only happens when you kill packs of mobs one at a time.

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