Cyclone mythic status?

I just wanna ask if cyclone mythic is already fix or not?


Gonna test right now. Fabled staff ftw to test and dust is great for testing purposes.

Edit: Yes it does work. Extremely good and it’s like whirlwind but with taunt! Pulls in enemies and stun em. Great for whirlwind warrior and a return of great whirlwind PvE builds. @darellleyesa did make good whirlwind builds but now they’ll be even better with cyclone. Same with KnightsCharge build and any warrior build.

Also good for other classes too. Maybe a good fire+ shock thing too or for frozen build .

Well it’s more like a twister but on the player.


you can summon cyclone mythic but nowt moving its more like mana shield now


Yes. It has limited duration but it is good when it does run because so many enemies taunted and stunned into it whilst the damage is taken. Use that with any other build and it’s very good.

Idk how good it would be in PvP but it would do something, although you’d have to be close up. It stuns like earthquake does but is a twister on you. I can see cool builds with that combo. Same MH% as Earthquake.

  • enigma to be useful

Just as i thought.

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