D,H,M build for heroes? HELP

I started playing DQ around september, and I’m almost done with the 3rd Ascension with WARRIOR!
Recently I bought 1 Wizard and 1 Rouge and I was wondering how to place the Damage,Health,Mana points?
Please help!


I take it you’re building for PvE. Points in damage is never a bad thing, especially since HP is less important the higher the floor count and it becomes more about damage reduction and and output. Don’t put points in MP unless you have to (bc you’re running out too much or you’re using it for health)

For Warrior I put 220 dmg,25 health and 10 mana!
And this is just on level 81
Before 2 Ascensions it was the same with health and mana and the rest in dmg

Yeah it’s mostly about tuning it to what you’re in need of, MP if you’re constantly running low, HP if you feel you need more sustain, or Power if you want more damage / feel like you need neither of the former. You can always respec for a meager amount of gold. A tip for leveling: go to floor 101, buy lots of maps and reroll the Affixes for pack bonus. Floors 100-200 for some reason spawn lots more monsters. My warrior is on his 7th ascension and gains about 75% of a level per map this way.