Daily monitoring of all players in eternal league division 1

The devz must check all bag 1 - 4, stash 1 - 4, premium, cs and ms stash if available, vanities and pet.
Some legit player/s are lazy to report any hacker in arena.

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We do what we can for sure.

With 30,000 matches per day (or some other insane number) there is only so much we can do. That is why we are VERY grateful for the support our community gives us when it comes to keeping the BA matches as far as we can.

Thanks again!


Only players that secure there position in division 1. I think only 25 players in division 1. Dont focus in matches sir. Many hackers in division 1 now and we all know you can check our account 1 by 1. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY.
I hope my suggestion will be a big help.