Daily reward

I’m on level 114 but I get Canals rewards!

What? Are you sure you’re on the right forum?

if you are talking about Roblox, this isn’t the Forum for it.

Not sure!

LMAO, thats funny man c’mon…

this Dungeon Quest doesn’t have Canals Rewards from any Floor or ‘Level’.

ok, I just did a Google Search, and there is The Lost Canals of Uznair and The Hidden Canals of Uznair. there is also Dungeon Quest Roblox, which had The Canals released July 17, 2019. it is the 7th Dungeon in Dungeon Quest Roblox.

Welcome on the forum. @inun0056




welcome to the club by the way what kind of canal reward is that ?

when you Google it like I did, you go to a Wiki that explains all that.

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