Dama Dama No Mi [ Wizard : PvE Build 2.3 Patch]


Congrats :slight_smile: . I had plans for a build after my fire shock wizard to do an arcanist orb build and now you given me better insight on how it works :slight_smile: . Really nicely done build there. I already had an idea of a rogue discordance chakram orb build before arcanist existed but it’s gonna be even better with arcanist. Arcanist rocks!


That orb originally are Frozen Shield Drop at mythic 3 above floor 1000, (promoting player to farm above floor 1000 lol)


@Eater yes lol 2.1 (without arcanist set) unlucky. 2.3 patch introduce arcanist set, turn the table, jackpot.!

@F00kee yea your welcome. That arcanist set now redeem arcane element not weak. Haha


Wow just wow



You may want to try using the Mobizen Screen Recorder - no root required.
Or download it on the Playstore if you’re wary of the link. :smiley: It’s free.


Thanks, but still it req higher OS to perform that apps, as I said I have lower OS can’t use it, old device lol


Haha, do it the way you did the Crono Gift [ PvE Build] Hachimon -Warrior- video…

Lol it reminds me of a story when a grandma was asked to take a screenshot of her computer screen and email it to her daughter, and she took a picture of the computer screen and mailed it.


im gonna try do that again maybe. not sure if i can do it properly tho since it different with hachimon. i mean hachimon sprint~ just run run run… probably will record it while AI take control. i mean use it as hireling maybe.


@Violetisfat @ralfh @Nightbladejay @Eater @F00kee @Kcellvirus @roykiyoy

Very very very low quality video added, that fast tick~


Can you explain how you get such high DPS I’m at 3 mil how do you get 60mil-100mil and can you give me tips to achieve that much DMG?


you really hit the jackpot out there due to the case that your build was made at 2.1 and complete at 2.3 it takes a long road but is came with a good result :smile:


@Shannoo U need stack a lot damage multiplying. And that dps is not big surprise tho, everyone can make it lol

@Eater yea, and this build have frozen throne mode, Devil pillar mode, Vollstandig mode too. Change the set affix on head part with
Frozen + Shine pet (permafrost)
Inferno + Lilith pet (vampiric)
MH set change to living force, Insolance OH (defiant) + head part just add anything that can help deal damage lol, maybe rage if u need it for maxing crit damage cap. And +Scout pet (pathfinder)

All those mode also deal damage over Billion per tick, its very fast tho, except that frozen throne aka Medusa gaze have burst damage due to frozen set

Farming on high floors

I like how to gave name to those builds you are creating :blush: I wanna see this Devil Pillar mode on action.
About the Frozen Throne you can try a gun for it to test how fast it will be.


Devil pillar remind me of my birthday, the mobs become candle (that animation of red light, blistering) their HP like wax, melt away. Haha

Its all wiz build lol. Maybe some other day I will try make rogue build, since u already mention about gun, I actually already have idea for it. Idk about how it will doing but if I’m correct the damage will be around 700M-1B per hit. Or maybe less lol


Here, lazy to take full map vid tho, so I just show how it kill epic mobs

Electric DMG High Floor Build
Farming on high floors

its enough for the sneak peak nice damage out there so strong :smile: some billion dmg popping out!


I have been waiting on the devil pillar build for a long time now. Thanks for the sneak peak.


Devil pillar and frozen throne build are same as the pic show above, u only need to change set affix on hat, change to vampiric or inferno vice versa repend on what pet u have. So do to to frozen throne. And just change the rest item element to the build haha. Easy right~


U can also add +400% explosion on devil pillar build. Its can be like frozen. Since arc hit a lot mobs at 1 time. It cause dot to all mobs effected. And since the inferno make dot faster the 5% chance to trigger explosion are high. Basically if all mobs trigger explosion. Those spike damage can be friendly fire to them.


yeah yeah is will works well at mob specially for packsize at wide area and btw why your warrior using a elec elem?