Dama Dama No Mi [ Wizard : PvE Build 2.3 Patch]


@baboyjue survival is realy an issue u need dodge block sanctuary to survive as wiz.

arcanis w/ ascendant = all element can proc arcane debuff on targets as long at it crits. (tested it w/ pure ice build w/ arcanist+ascendant affix(arcane debuff stil activate on mobs hit by my ice elem and other elem comes from ascendant.) when u see mobs color becomes pink that the animation for arcane debuff.


@cronos4321 Nice build ! But may I ask you which was that ring before getting mythic ? Can’t remember any regeneration ring :frowning:


The ring base is called Poise. Look in the legendex in Wiz items. It’s an equality set item found on any difficulty past floor 16.


I’ve finally found it by myself but thx ! It is also a Rogue item ! I’ll post later my own version of the build meant to be hybrid pve PvP :slight_smile:


What orb had 100 % ED? Im trying to find it in legendex but cant see it… :cry:


Warrior Frozen Shield. It’s found past floor 1000 Mythic 3 difficulty.


sir @cronos4321 why didn’t you put two Glass Cannon and Barbarian, why 1pc each? thanks in advance


Because two barbarian then you can barley cast or not at all. 2 glass cannon. Meh? It’s up to you.


What the nature of items?


Use crystal Beryl to change gear nature’s. See old list below luck is 25% - not sure if any others are wrong. GL


My build is somewhat identical to this lol, but i have mirror image and orb


Same but mine is a rogue. Here’s the build.

Yes it does use frozen like the Frozen Throne Orb Build but it’s a rogue with far more MH% DMG as well as PermaStealth and coat. It can do ridiculous damage in ice form and in any form at all, even arcane.

Mirror Image and Orb is good actually but no reactor will come out. Why? Reactor only works on MH damage and orb from Mirror Image is OH damage.

Not to mention Mirror Image has incredibly low DMG! If you’re a rogue, you’d get slightly better mirror image at mirror image 20 due to hero points for 200% instead of 100% OH DMG. With push the Limit, up to 300% or 400% OH which will make Mirror image orb do similar damage to normal orb. But at hero point 40, you’d be getting 450% to 600% OH DMG mirror image if you use 1 or 2 PTL. I mean 600% OH isn’t too bad tbh and that’s similar to wizard 600% from discordance MH% but for rogue. If you use Swap+Mirror Image, up to 1800% OH Mirror Image which is actually pretty good. Not as good as 4000% MH as you get on rogue but a very high Offhand DMG % along with the hit frequency.

If swap at hero points 20, even better. It’s official, I could make a Orb Mirror Image rogue build with swap for the fun of it, even though it may be useless. Takes a bit of slots to really make Mirror Image do worthwhile DMG with any skill and best for rogue.

But Orb can get incredible MH% DMG to 1000s and sometimes even 4000% MH for rogue orb. If only offhand could do that lol. Also my reactor is very high MH DMG due to initial MH%. Obviously my build uses discordance.

But if you use another class, mirror image can be boosted by Identity Set. With Identity and 1 Push the Limit or 2, you’d be getting 243.75% OH DMG. Not much OH damage from Mirror image so any skill will barley do damage. Orb is still good with that though due to hit frequency but you can get so much higher orb MH% and the reactor as a bonus.

Although if you use the +all skills affix on other class, you’d be increasing Mirror Image OH% to 365.625% OH.

Another thing is that on rogue, Mirror Image is a summon object so whenever you increase hero points, you can increase its Summon DMG along with its OH% DMG.

I think your mirror image orb build (whether it’s rogue or other class will actually deal good DMG even if it’s not the most efficient).

Although it’s a good thing you can have multiple mirror images.


Awesome job for using mirror image+ orb. Underrated but awesome nevertheless. :ok_hand: :smile: .


I wanna try your build though, bc orb! I like orb!


Also, how did your gauntlet get that high dps,


I try this build in 3.0 .Wish me Luck :grin::joy::grinning:


It will work for sure. Arcanist is a bit nerfed since it no longer adds total damage % but it’s still very useful . Orbit elemental crit will still be fairly useful too. Not to mention with ascendant+ weaken, this build is already doing very well and the fact that no enemies have arcane resists unless they say greatly resists arcane or resists arcane.

Obviously you can switch this build for Frozen called the Frozen Throne build or even crushing flames. It’s basically the same as my Seasonal Maidens’ Build this cronos wizard but a wizard build.

Even in pure arcane form, this build is very powerful, even if Arcanist only comes if you weaken enemies and increases ED% per enemy instead of Total DMG%. I think the Arcanist and ascendant combo will still work very greatly in this build anyways along with the weaken and even better in this build.