Damage healed in arena

What in total can be used to boost your over all healthy rate? The screenshot is with no boosts to regen and only using command to self heal. Would using blood magic with high HP and mp regens double the regency cap or since blood magic covers mp into HP would I still be facing the same cap?

Don’t know. You will have to test it. Remember that if you add regen legend affixes then view your battle logs to see if it was worth it. For example I maxed block and dodge. Had a redirect damage for every hit I blocked, dodged or received. So basically redirect always. Had 880 % reflect damage. In battle logs it became 88 damage. Waste of space

it might not be your main damage, but it keeps their healing busy while you shred them with your Super Arena @dickwad Powers! I have lost a few battles from reflect damage, especially when using high attack rate spells. they are getting hurt from attacking you while getting hurt from your attacks.

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I think I’m going to take out some of the overall HP total and replaced it with some dodge and block as I’m missing that completely. I may look into druidic as well if I have the crystals for it. I upped regens a bit but i don’t want to lose too much more HP. Im not worrying about damage yet at all because this toons purpose is to just charge in in arena and tank stuff long enough for my main you kill them lol.