Damage question

I’m seeing and hearing talk of people doing damage in the billions. To date the highest damage I’ve done is upwards of about 4m. I’m a level 99 mage. My question is, what stats should I be focusing on? I’m hearing ED drastically increases my damage output but what else? This lack of damage is preventing me from moving past floor 380 on m1 and I’m not sure what to do. For the record instead of me posting a my current build assume I can do pretty much anything. I can’t but I don’t mind farming until I can. Thanks in advance!

What I did was check most of the builds posted here and the affixes they are using, especially those with evidence doing billion of damage. Also make sure that it synergized with your planned build. Last thing is I tested it myself. Some of the builds are not shared, so its better to experiment for yourself and you might discover a powerful build. I myself discovered a chakram build that does billions. It took me like 2 weeks to slowly build it. By the way, already playing for a month and learn moat of the things here in the forum.

If you are only dealing 4m damage in M1, that is very very low. There’s a lot of way to increase your damage for PVE. things like, crushing blow, explosive, critical chance and critical damage, critical element and element damage.