Dark maps

Is there a way to change the brightness on these new maps a lot of them are so dark you can’t see where you’re going or mobs

yeah right! sometimes you just need to follow the lines of map.

That’s one of the benefits to having the special vanity stuff equipped. They give off an aura of light, kind of like making yourself a candle. Lol

Hey! Could you take a screenshot of those “dark maps” please? :slight_smile:

I will try switching from low to high running on graphics he seemed to glitch Uploading…

The first screenshot is on high resolution and the second one is onl The first screenshot is on high resolution and the second one is on low

I’m using an iPad air2

That’s weird. The best would be to contact the support including your DQ account: support@shinyboxgames.com

I did yesterday

So I guess this is just happening to me?
I see no one has agreed or is complaining about the same issue
Should I uninstall and reinstall

Actually someone has already reported 3 months ago. So, don’t worry about it.

Just wait for an answer of the support :slight_smile:

Ok if it was reported 3 months ago what’s the fix

Have you contacted the support?
About no fix:

Yes I did we talked they said they where going to run some test that was Monday
I thought it was wired that it was not happening to more people or there not complaining

I hate the dark maps so much

So I’m not alone I’m glad to hear that